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Pilot Plug-In Strobe Light Kit

If you're looking to add some style to your vehicle, then the Plug-In Strobe Light Kit is perfect for you. This strobe light kit contains 5 interchangeable color gel caps allowing you to alternate colors from a selection of white, green, purple, blue and red. In addition, this kit comes with an electronic adjustable speed controller. Fits into headlight, bumper light, corner light, and tail light. Installs with ease. Includes installation instructions, wiring system, color caps and switch. Note: This product is intended for off road and show use only. Check with your local and state law enforcement before installing.
SKU: pilplugstrob
Category: Hot Products!

Auto Meter Sport-Comp 2-5/8'' Fuel Pressure Gauge

Requires #4 braided stainless steel hose & mounting cups. Must be mounted outside of vehicle. Red pointer is highly visible while driving for quick glance monitoring. Item 3411. Be sure to check out our complete line of Sport-Comp Series gauges or shop our Auto Meter Store
SKU: xxxaum3411
Category: Interior Accessories

FoliaTec Soy ALU Race Griles

Made of top-quality anodised aluminium, these ALU- RaceGrilles are a cool way to give your car a tough race look. Cut them to fit where you like - front grill, spoiler apertures, air boxes or exhaust shields - it's going to spice-up your car. Top quality, available in Stretch, Honeycomb or RoundHole Design, easily shaped, almost unlimited uses.  Made of paintable high-quality anodized aluminum.  HoneyComb Design RoundHole Design StretchGrid Medium StretchGrid Wide Item # Description Detail Price HoneyComb Design XXX34740 Silver, Unfolded 20 x 110 cm/ 7.9 x 43.3 inch $26.95 RoundHole Design XXX34731 Silver, Unfolded 20 x 110 cm/ 7.9 x 39.4 inch  $54.95 XXX34732 Black, Unfolded 20 x 110 cm/ 7.9 x 39.4 inch  $54.95 StretchGrid Design XXX34720 Medium, silver, folded 20 x 125 cm/ 7.9 x 49. 2 inch $32.95 XXX34726 Medium, silver, folded 20 x 110 cm/  7.9 x 43.3 inch $32.95 XXX34718 Wide, silver, folded 20 x 110 cm/ 7.9 x 43.3 inch $32.95 XXX34725 Medium, Black, folded 20 x 125 cm/  7.9 x 49. 2 inch $32.95 XXX34727 Medium, Black, folded 20 x 110 cm/  7.9 x 43.3 inch $32.95 Please select desired part number from above list.
SKU: fosoyaluragr
Category: Import Exterior Styling

LiteGlow Neon Radicolor Undercar Kits (Two Colors)

Only LowGlow makes this customized kit that allows you to custom blend colors by combining two or three colors in the same underbody light tube. Gives your vehicle a radical multi-colored look. Colors can be combined to produce a gentle fade or a radical combination! Your vehicle will have its own unique stylish look! This 4 piece kit radicolor kit includes: (2) 48'' tubes, (2) 32'' tubes, (1) Pro Series Self-Adjusting Transformer, On/Off Switch, Mounting Clamps, Insulators and easy to follow instructions. Available in 8 color combinations. By LiteGlow. Please check your local and state authorities for the use of LiteGlow Neon Radicolor Undercar Kits.
SKU: rk803series
Category: LiteGlow Variable Out-Put Transformer Pro Series

Park Smart Magnetic Door Guard

The Park Smart Magnetic Door Guard is the ideal preventative measure against door dings and chipped paint. The design of the Door Guard, in conjunction with the soft nearly invisible PVC, helps cushion even the hardest of blows. A smooth magnetized rubber strip, along the top of the Door Guard, holds the Door Guard onto vehicle without scratching the paint. The Magnetic Door Guard measures 25''x 6.5''x 0.63''.
SKU: pasmmadogu
Category: New at AutoBarn.com

Vector 700 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter

This compact, portable power inverter converts 12 volt DC to 110/120 volt AC household-type wall socket. It provides 700 watt continuous power with a 1400 watt peak. It has a turbo cooled heat sink design and 30% more powerful dual high-output transformers. Durable and weather resistant aluminum housing with heat dissipation fins. It can run AC-powered equipment anywhere. Can be used with any 12-volt DC vehicle or battery. Includes heavy-duty cable clamps for high output direct battery connections. Powers up to 6.5 amps. Highest power ratings in the industry! Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty. Made by Vector. Specifications: Maximum Continuous Power: 700 Watts Surge Capacity (Peak Power): 1400 Watts Maximum Efficiency: Approximately 90% No Load Current Draw: .8 Amperes Input Voltage Range: 10 - 14.7 VDC Under Voltage Shutdown Activation: 10.0 Volts Over Voltage Shutdown Activation: 14.7 Volts Wave Form: Filtered Modified Sine Wave Fuse: Three 30 Amp (Spade Type) outboard mounted for easy replacement Weight: 4.25 lbs. Length: 9.75'' Width: 6.25'' Height: 2.25'' Receptacle: 3 U-Ground, North American Standard
SKU: vec043
Category: New at AutoBarn.com

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