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Wolo Bull Horn

Click to hear a sample of this horn The Wolo Bull Horn is a real attention getter with a super loud alerting sound like a raging bull. Rugged metal construction will insure many years of dependable service. Installs easily in any 12 volt vehicle with a one (1) wire hookup. 110 decibels.
SKU: wol340
Category: New at AutoBarn.com

10'' Video Voyager Mobil Video Screen Plus DVD Player

Experience the finest in-mobile video entertainment with a system that fits in your car, RV, and much more. Imagine mobile entertainment that requires no installation, comes in an attractive backpack, and simply plugs into your vehicle power port. From long trips with kids in the backseat to family picnics, the applications of the Video Voyager are endless.  By Inter-Pacific. PLEASE NOTE: This item has been opened, but was used as a demo only.  It is in perfect condition and has a full warranty. Monitor Specifications Actual Monitor Heavy Duty Canvas Backpack included in package Screen Size 10.4" Resolution SVGA 800 x 600 pixels Dimension 10.9" (w) x 8.1" (h) x 1.5" (d) Power Supply DC 12V Car Power Outlet Adapter ACDC In-Home Adapter (Optional) Response Time 5-25ms Remote Control Power, AV1/2/TV, Volume, Channel, Color, Brightness, TX, Transmitter Setup, Auto Scan / Memory AV AV Input, Audio Output Antenna External Antenna with Built-In TV Tuner Holder Heavy Duty Canvas Backpack Rich Entertainment Compatible with TV, DVD, VCR, CD Changer, Game Player Video Unit DVD player and Remote Accessories Seat Straps, and Connecting Cables Price Only $495.00 !!  (Regularly Priced $599.00) Click here for product manual. Allow several minutes for loading)   IMPORTANT NOTE: This item includes a 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty.  All questions regarding this warranty must be handled directly with the manufacturer from the date of purchase.
SKU: noname24

Rear Window Hot Air Blower Defroster / Defogger

The Interdynamics Rear Window Hot Air Blower Defroster / Defogger gets rid of snow, ice, and fog, quickly and easily! The Defroster can either be attached with velcro for removable installation or screws for a semi-permanent installation! Powered by your cigarette lighter, the Hot Air Blower will provide you with perfect visibility in all weather conditions! By Interdynamics. Dimensions are 8 1/8'' x 5 1/2'' x 6 1/2''
SKU: acbd-1
Category: Interior Accessories

BatterySAVER SE 18W Solar Powered Battery Charger

The BatterySAVER SE 18W gets you solid battery charging power for a variety of 12V small appliances: lights, refrigerators, TVs, VCRs, heaters, stereos, computers, and microwave ovens. You can combine as many panels as you wish to increase power as your needs grow. Works well under low-light conditions. BatterySAVER SE 18W Features: Verify sunlight exposure by the push of a button (Blue LED) Constantly charges your large battery via your connection of choice, includes a complete accessory wire set Easily install multiple panels when you need more power (with Plug?n?Play side connector to facilitate panel-to-panel installation) Efficient under low-light and extreme outdoor weather conditions such as hail, snow, or elevated temperatures and under low light conditions BatterySAVER SE 18W Specifications: Item Number: 04029/ 04030 with 7 ampere charge controller Trademark Name BatterySAVER SE Power Rating* 18W (1200 mA @ 15V) Operating Temperature -40?F to 140?F / -40?C to 60?C Warranty: 5-year Accessories included:     Extension power cable (10ft / 3m)     Panel-to-panel jumper cable (1ft / 0.3m)     O-ring connector wire (1.5ft / 0.46m)     Battery clamp wire (1.5ft / 0.46m)     Male CLA adapter cable (1.5ft / 0.46m)     Female 12V socket cable (1.5ft / 0.46m)     Mounting stainless screws (4) Weight: (lb/kg) 9.5 / 4.3 Unit Dimensions (in/mm) 39.37 x 13.78 x 1.18 / 1000 x 350 x 30 *Performance at STC 1 kW/m_, AM1.5, 25?C, typical values  
SKU: solarcharger18w
Category: New at AutoBarn.com

AutoCommand Deluxe Remote Starter Kit with Keyless Entry System

Remotely start your car from the comfort of your home or office with the world's #1 remote car starter. The AutoCommand Deluxe Car Starter Kit allows you to start your car from up to 500 feet awat to turn on the heater, defrooster or air conditioner. Never step into a freezing-cold or boiling-hot car again. By DesignTech. 3-Button Keyless Entry Remote: At the push of a button, turn on your vehicle's heater, defroster, or air conditioner. Never again wait for your vehicle to warm up and defrost - it's ready when you are! Press once to lock doors and activate alarm. Press again to unlock doors and disarm the car alarm. Hold down to pop trunk. Push once to turn on your headlights to light your way at night. Hold down to activate the panic alarm to call for help in unsafe situations or to locate your vehicle. Completely Safe and Theft Resistant: Special safety features prevent your vehicle from being driven without your key in the ignition. Your vehicle's doors and steering wheel remain locked. The engine automatically shuts off if your brake is pressed, the car is shifter out of park, or the hood is opened. Your vehicle can only be remotely started when it is in park Installation: (Professional installation may be required) Step-by-step instructions with wiring diagrams are included for the do-it-yourself installer. Built-in Self-Diagnostic Feedback System simplifies isntallation. Note: Vehicles with certain factory anti-theft systems such as VATS - P.A.T.S. - Passlock - Passlock II - Passkey III - Securlock - Transponder - and Saturn will also require the Universal Alarm Bypass Module or a similar device for installation of any remote car starter. The Universal Alarm Bypass Module is available for $29.95 through our website. Not recommended for the following makes and models of vehicles: Audi 1998-up, BMW 1998-up, Jaguar 1998-up, Land Rover 1998-up, Mercedes: 1998-up, Range Rover 1998-up, Volvo 1999-up.  Customers with no automotive knowledge may want to seek professional installation. For automatic transmission fuel-injected vehicles only. Works on gasoline vehicles.Does not work on carbureted or diesel vehicles.
SKU: des20727
Category: Safety & Security

Herculiner Brush-On Truck Bed Liner (Quart)

1 Gallon Kit & this Quart Size is necessary for 8-foot truck beds. Herculiner is a unique, advanced-formula, do-it-yourself, protective coating for truck beds. This ready-to-use, textured polyurethane coating looks great & protects your vehicle. Skid resistant textured surface won't peel, chip, or flake! Bonds & seals all surfaces to prevent rust, resist gasoline, oil, solvents, & chemicals. Just clean & prepare the surface, brush or roll on the ready-to-use coating, & allow to dry! Save hundreds of dollars compared to dealer-installed spray-on liners or plastic liners. 2nd day shipping not available with this item
SKU: herspraytruc1
Category: New at AutoBarn.com

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