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Auto Meter Sport-Comp 2-5/8'' Electrical Voltmeter

Auto Meter Sport-Comp 2-5/8'' Electrical Voltmeter with a range of 8-18 Volts. Sport-Comp electric gauges include a rugged air core meter movement for maximum ruggedness, accuracy and quick response time. Easy installation and reliable performance make these gauges a popular choice. Auto Meter's trademarked ''tough'' look and bold, easy to read dial faces include florescent red pointers for quick-glance monitoring. The gauge mechanism is quality engineered for extremely long life and a full 270? sweep for maximum accuracy. Item 3592. Be sure to check out our complete line of Sport-Comp Series gauges or shop our Auto Meter Store
SKU: xxxaum3592
Category: Interior Accessories

Plasticolor Visor Organizer (Harley Davidson)

This Visor Organizer offers multiple pockets to store glasses, tire gauge, registration, pagers, etc. Fits any visor. Includes one. By Plasticolor. Keeps your most needed items within reach Five handy storage pockets Handy velcro area perfect for storing a garage door opener Adjustable visor straps won't cover vanity mirror
SKU: plasvisorhar
Category: Chroma Etch Effectz Decals

Auto Meter Ultra-Lite 2-1/16'' Electric Oil Pressure Gauge

Auto Meter Ultra-Lite Oil Pressure with a range of 0-100 PSI. Ultra-Lite? electric gauges include a rugged air core meter movement. The full pointer appearance matches the mechanical gauges and when routing electrical wires are preferred, Ultra-Lite? electric gauges are the perfect choice. Includes 1/8'' electric sender & 1/4'' NPT adapter fitting. Weight saving materials are used in lens and case for a lighter instrument. Advanced air-core movement ensures precision and extreme accuracy in any demanding environment. Simple three wire installation is perfect for applications where copper tubing or stainless steel line won't fit Item 4327 Be sure to check out  our complete line of Ultra-Lite gauges or shop our Auto Meter Store
SKU: xxxaum4327
Category: Interior Accessories

LeBra Custom Front End Covers

LeBra Custom Front End Covers are the ultimate in style and full front end protection for vehicles. Full Front End Protection for Your Vehicle Protects vehicle paint from common road hazards Protects against rock chips, bugs, and road tar Covers all painted front end surfaces   Easy Hood Access 2-piece design allows hood to open without removing cover Accommodates for pop-up headlights, fog lights, air-intakes, and all factory design features Custom design molds to the contour of your hood Compliments today's aerodynamic shaped vehicles with a glove like look Easy Installation Most applications install in 15 minutes or less Custom installation instructions quickly guide you through the installation process All parts are pre-attaches... nothing to lose No tools required (for most applications) All Weather Protection Durable high quality leather grain vinyl Does not need to be removed when wet Vinyl is micro-perforated so it dries itself while you drive Special knit backing absorbs less moisture and is gentle on your vehicle's finish All LeBra Front End Masks Only $79.95 Click here to order a LeBra Front End Cover for your vehicle
SKU: lebfronendco
Category: Hot Products!

Glasscapes Wings of Glory Decal

<--- Click image to enlarge Glasscapes allows you to customize the glass surfaces of a vehicle, yet still have a virtually unobstructed view to the outside world. Microperforations create a 50% open area in the vinyl surface, which helps reduce damaging UV exposure. All images are printed using outdoor quality UV resistant inks, which provide long term durability. Images can be removed easily in minutes. Glass cleanup normally requires a little more than a strong window cleaner. Available in two sizes: Standard (66'' x 24'') and Small Pickup (56'' x 16'')
SKU: glwiofglde
Category: American Flag Key Chain

DesignTech Reduced Intensity Daytime Running Lights

''Headlights automatically turn on each time the vehicle is started'' Summary: For additional safety, increase the visibility of your vehicle during daytime hours. Lights automatically turn on as soon as the ignition is turned on and shut off when it is turned off. So you won't forget and leave your lights on while your car is parked. No more drained batteries! The 'Light Your Way' option leaves your headlights on for about 30 seconds after the ignition is switched off to illuminate your way. Regular headlights continue to operate normally at night. In addition, Daytime Running Lights have been proven to reduce accidents. Installation: Reduced Intensity: Daytime Running Lights system is a simple, under hood, three-wire installation 12-volts constant, Ground and Low beam headlight wire.  Drivers with little or no automotive knowledge may want to seek professional installation. How It Works: Reduced Intensity Daytime Running Lights takes care of an important safety feature, your headlights, by automatically turning them on each time the vehicle is started. The Reduced Intensity Daytime Running Lights automatically monitors the electrical system of the vehicle to switch the lights on and off. The Light Your Way option leaves your headlights on for about 30 seconds after the ignition is switched off to help illuminate your way to the door. 2 Year Warranty. Made in the USA.
SKU: des20013
Category: Car Alarm Systems

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