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Wolo Airsplitter Dual Tone Air Horn

Click to hear a sample of this horn The Wolo Airsplitter Dual Tone Air Horn is super loud! Two (2) polished chrome metal trumpets produce a sound that is sure to be heard. Ideal for the vehicle owner that wants dress up chrome under the hood. Easy to install in any 12 volt vehicle. The Airsplitter is also the horn of choice of motorcycle owners, it will make a great looking addition to any bike. So if you want a high powered sound, then the Airsplitter is the horn for you! Comes complete with all mounting hardware. Instruction in English / Spanish. 118 Decibels-512/625 Hz. Available for vehicles or motorcycles. The motorcycle model includes a weather protecting cover. Dimensions: Long horn: 9?'' length Short horn: 7?'' length Compressor: 4'' height; 2'' depth Prices: For cars and trucks.......$37.95 For motorcycles...........$44.95
SKU: wol415
Category: New at AutoBarn.com

Accuracy Plus Professional? Full Battery Diagnostics & Starting/Charging System Tester by OTC

Accurately tests the battery and starting/charging system in just 40 seconds. Accuracy Plus is the most accurate battery load tester on the market, plus it's the most comprehensive starting and charging system tester in its price range! Features: One second battery test determines and displays CCA of the battery and lets you know if you need to conduct a full diagnostic battery test Comprehensive battery test provides bad cell detection, CCA analysis, and battery diagnostics; improved testing system provides easier flow process, increased accuracy, and automatic temperature prompting Checks the battery, starter, voltage regulator, alternator, and diodes The Accuracy Plus features interactive system diagnostics which applies a load to the battery and vehicle's electrical system With eternal load capability, the Accuracy Plus can monitor the charging system behavior under load and no-load conditions The Accuracy Plus relies on internal circuitry, not the vehicle's accessories or the technician, to load the electrical system during testing. That makes test results accurate and repeatable from test to test, vehicle to vehicle Accuracy Plus has an internal battery so it can test batteries down to a zero state of charge. It makes 'good/bad' diagnostics decisions on discharged batteries without charging them first Users can see a state-of-charge reading so they know exactly how long to charge the battery to bring it to a full state of charge Selectable battery ratings for cold cranking amps, cranking amps, and amp hours. Test range: 50-2000 CCA, 1.0 to 14 volts Bright 2 line, 16 character display is easily readable
SKU: xxx3165
Category: Tools & Equipment

Wolo Wolf Whistle

Click to hear a sample of this horn The Wolo Wolf Wistle will attract immediate attention with its shrill, extra loud, two (2) tone whistle sound. The Wolf Whistle is built to provide many years of dependable service. Easy to install in any 12 volt vehicle. 103 decibels.
SKU: wol350
Category: Hot Products!

MetalScapes Coral Reef Vehicle Graphic

MetalScapes Solid Exterior Grade Vehicle Graphics can be applied to any solid surface on a vehicle and trimmed to fit. A soapy water solution, a squeegee & a trimming blade are all that are needed to apply. Size: 66'' x 24'' They have a three (3) year warranty against fading and peeling if applied according to instructions.
SKU: mecorevegr
Category: New at AutoBarn.com

Ventshade Deflectors (4-Piece Set)

Introduced over 60 years ago and still going strong today. The original stainless steel deflector is as functional now as then. Keeps rain out and lets fresh air in. Easy to install. Over 270 custom applications available in original stainless or black. The Ventshade is a most practical accessory. By Auto Ventshade. For BLACK, please click here to find the correct part # from our application guide. For SILVER, please click here to find the correct part # from our application guide.
SKU: vendef4piecs
Category: Auto Ventshade Stepshield - Door Sill Protector

GM Steering Wheel Puller Legs by OTC

GM eliminated the tapped holes in the steering wheel assembly on late model cars and vans, making these puller legs the only way to remove the wheel without damage. They're used with OTC 7245 or 7403 steering wheel pullers to get behind the steering wheel assembly to give a straight, even pull. Weight: 5 oz. By OTC. Applications: Buick (1997-current Prak Avenue, Regal) Cadillac (1997-current Catera) Chevrolet/GMC (1997-current Malibu, Corvette, 1998-current C- and K- series trucks, full size vans, Astro/Safari vans) Chrysler (1999 Jeep Cherokee) Ford (1997-current Explorers, F150 and Ranger pickups) Pontiac (1988-93 Lemans, 1997-current Grand Prix, Transport van)
SKU: xxx7929a
Category: Tools & Equipment

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