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Hella Work Lamp

The Hella Work Lamp provides powerful illumination for work areas. With adjustable base for upright or pendant mounting on horizontal and vertical surfaces. The bulb is protected by a shock proof, black molded housing. Vertical inclination up to 115? upwards and 48? downwards. Glass lens. Prewired. 12V55W. Powered by an H3 bulb. With 7/16'' mounting screw.
SKU: xxx90645b
Category: Tools & Equipment

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PIAA P-3000 Series Tri Beam Fog Lights

PIAA's P-3000 Series Driving/Fog Lights features three different lights: Plasma Ion Driving, Xtreme White Spot, and Plasma Blue Marker. The dichroic reflection increases bulb life and offers the brightness and intensity of HID lights at a fraction of the cost. The dichroic reflection allows the bulb to run cooler than bulbs of similar wattage while the 55 watt bulb projects a beam as bright as an 110 watt bulb. Bulb Types:   12V - H3 55watt=85watt Xtra Plasma Ion Driving (PIA13555) 12V - H3 55watt=110watt Xtreme White spot (PIA15256)  12V - 168 5watt Super White Marker (PIA19168) Features: Black aluminum housing, glass lens, and triple beam system Kit Includes: Two lamps, wiring harness, relay, and switch
SKU: pip3sertribe
Category: PIAA Wiper Blades

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Hitch Receiver Covers

Dress up your vehicle's empty hitch receiver with a chrome plated, rust-resistant, die cast metal cover. By CIPA.
SKU: hitreccov
Category: Chroma 6x 12 Stamped Aluminum Auto Tags

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Jeep Wrangler Hood Catch Kit

Outland hood catch kits adds a touch of function and style to your Jeep Wrangler. They install easily without any drilling required. Available in chrome or black. Sold as a pair. Hood Catch Kit Features: Fits 1942-95 Jeep Models Installs easily without drilling Sold in pairs OUT7601: Black $12.95 OUT7401: Stainless Steel $16.95
SKU: xxx7x01series
Category: Gas Filler Housing for Jeep Wranglers

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Cassette Player Cleaner

This cassette player cleaner cleans the tape heads, pinch roller and capstan of any cassette player. It includes a high quality cleaner fluid for non-abrasive cleaning. Three spare pads included for extended cleaning life. The unique patented design maximizes head cleaning giving you superior output through your cassette player. Simple to use and effective! By Metra.
SKU: metawclncst
Category: Audio & Video

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APC Iron Cross Valve Stem Caps Hex (4pc)

<---- Click image to enlarge Using Iron Crosses became a style when it emerged from the depth of cable TV just a short time ago. Now associated with automotive styling, APC has transformed this extremely edgy style into a new line of accessories. They are made from 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum and come fully polished with incredible detail. Available in Black and Chrome. 4 Pieces per set.
SKU: apcircrvastc
Category: Auto Parts

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