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Sylvania Silverstar H4

Introducing the Halogen product that outshines all others! Now there's a new star on the road, burning brighter and whiter than halogen ever has. SilverStar illuminates with a searing intensity, exceeded only by far more expensive High Intensity Discharge lighting. SilverStar is fueled by advanced design and backed by the prestigious Sylvania brand with its longstanding commitment to halogen innovation. Whitest SilverStar's color temperature is a white hot 4,000 K, far higher than other halogens on the market and comparable to High Intensity Discharge headlights. Brightest SilverStar shines with a luminance up to 20% greater than other halogens. Sharpest A sharp profile, silver tip, and amethyst blue coating create a dramatic, high-end, crisp, clean look. The result is an entirely new night driving experience, one that results in safer travel, a high-end appearance, and clearer visibility for all drivers. SilverStar provides drivers with an unparalleled level of illumination and meets all FMVSS 108 and CMVSS 108 requirements. Not sure what your vehicle's bulb style is? Click here to find it.  Download Rebate Form Sylvania rebate offer requires the purchase of two (2) SilverStar headlights, foglights or signal lights.
SKU: sylsilh4
Category: Sylvania SilverStar High Performance Signal Lighting

Plews Battery Filler

The Plews Battery Filler shuts off automatically when your battery cell is at it's proper level, so there is no over filling. The filler also features the double action fast flow valvetip that prevents after-drip. It also stops surface discharges caused by a wet battery. 2 quart capacity polyethylene container is safe to use with battery acid.
SKU: te75-030
Category: Tools & Equipment

Vizualogic Command Module

For a complete, integrated system add the Vizualogic Command Module. Puts the sound and video where you want it. One unified, wireless remote control selects up to four A/V inputs; controls screen functions such as tint and color etc., and operates the video source inputs. Allows up to four independent audio source outputs to either factory sound systems (requires optional FM modulator) or through wireless headphones (requires optional 2 channel IR or RF transmitters and headphones). Manages power input to system components.
SKU: vizcommod
Category: New at

Lund MoonVisor Lighted Visor For Trucks, Vans & SUV's

The Moon Visor Lighted Visor is the perfect addition to your truck, van or SUV giving it a unique customized look. Made by Lund. Features: The MoonVisor has the same unique features as the SunVisor with the addition of recessed running lights for night safety and great looks MoonVisor?s recessed running lights provide safety and great looks Easy to replace light bulbs on MoonVisor. MoonVisor?s wiring harness is easy to install and is concealed under lip Solid fiberglass construction Limited lifetime warranty For trucks, vans and SUV's Click here to order the Lund Moon Visor for your vehicle
SKU: xxxlundmoonvisor
Category: Exterior Accessories

PIAA 510 Series Fog/Driving Lights

PIAA's 510 Series Fog/Driving Lights large reflector area provides best-in-class performance. The computer designed lenses and reflectors work together to maximize light output. The included 55 watt Quartz Halogen bulb with dichroic reflection lasts longer while performing like an 85 watt bulb. Bulb Types:   12V - H3 55watt=85watt XTRA for 5161 Lights (PIA13455) 12V - H3 55watt=85watt XTRA Super White for 5164 Lights (PIA15455) Features: Black stamped steel housing, glass lens Kit Includes: Two lamps, wiring harness, relay, switch, and two black mesh style covers. Click here to view the dimensions of this product Choose from the following: PIA5161: Ion Crystal Fog Lights (black housing; produces brilliant amber beam) PIA5164: Super White Driving Lights (black housing; produces brilliant natural light)
SKU: xxx516series
Category: PIAA Wiper Blades

Pilot Racing Muffler with Silencer

Racing Medallion Style Stainless Steel Muffler w/Silencer 3x1 Tip, 19L
SKU: pilracmufwit
Category: Exterior Accessories

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