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Power Steering Flush By LUBEGARD (4 oz)

SUPER CONCENTRATED FORMULA! For use with or without ANY flush machine! Power steering systems are generally only noticed when something has gone wrong! This system is one of the simplest to maintain. A power steering system is generally subjected to harsh temperatures leading to fluid deterioration over time. Through constant use and high operating pressures, other types of wear materials are also generated that degrade the system. The result of this pressure and heat is fluid breakdown, contamination, loss of lubricating properties, and varnish deposits. When power steering fluid circulates throughout the system of the pump and gear, it picks up wear material as well as contamination from the breakdown of aging hoses and seals. Periodic maintenance of this intricate and precise system is necessary! Flushing this system and recharging it with new fluid and adding LUBEGARD Power Steering Fluid Protectant is the best assurance you can have for extended optimum power steering performance by allowing the fluid to run through the system effortlessly, providing the driver responsive and safe control. Even though most manufacturer's don't provide a maintenance schedule for this important gear, it should be flushed and refilled any time work is done on the rack, a hose is replaced, or if you are having steering squawk or other operating problems.
SKU: powsteerflus
Category: Power Steering Flush By LUBEGARD (4 oz)

TrimBrite? Rear Window Graphics (Race Flag)

These popular designs provide a range of choices for a custom, private look. Printed on heavy-duty weatherproof polyester for outdoor durability. Easy application is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer...just trim, peel and stick. Fits most trucks, cars and cans. They can't see in, but... You can see out.   Applies in minutes to window exterior Just peel and stick Offers greater privacy Durable weatherproof polyester Trims to fit most windows Size: 20" x 66" Available in a variety of styles
SKU: trimrearwing3
Category: American Flag Key Chain

Plasticolor Visor Organizer (Chevrolet)

This Visor Organizer offers multiple pockets to store glasses, tire gauge, registration, pagers, etc. Fits any visor. Includes one. By Plasticolor. Keeps your most needed items within reach Five handy storage pockets Handy velcro area perfect for storing a garage door opener Adjustable visor straps won't cover vanity mirror
SKU: plasvisorche
Category: Chroma Etch Effectz Decals

Wolo L.E.D. Screw Trim Lights

Wolo's new SCREW LIGHTS are a totally new way to dress-up and decorate any vehicle. Built with a unique LED that flashes RED or BLUE. Installs to license plates, interior and exterior, etc., without any special tools. Packaged two-(2) Screw Lights per package.
SKU: wolledscrewt
Category: Performance Interior Styling

Island Sandals Air Fresheners

Stylish sandal air fresheners are available in Beach Breeze and Mountain Mist scents. Please be sure to make your scent selection when ordering.
SKU: issaairfr
Category: Island Sandals Air Fresheners

GMC / Ford / Dodge / Chevy / Taz / Harley Mud Guards by PlastiColor(TM)

These Mud Guards will add style as well as protection to your Truck. An inexpensive way to keep your vehicle looking great. Price includes two guards size: 12''x18'' Fits most Large Trucks
SKU: mudguarbypla
Category: Monster Garage Store

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