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Prestone Tire Jack Tire Inflator & Sealant (18 oz.)

Don't get stuck with a flat tire. Prestone Tire Jack Inflator & Sealer is designed to quickly seek-out and effectively seal most normal punctures and slow leaks. Prestone's Acryseal system is formulated to provide a super-strong blend of polymers that actually form a physical bond to the rubber materials in your tire. Tire Jack will not damage your rims and it's non-flammable formula can be stored safely in your vehicle. By Prestone.
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Tweety ''All Fired Up'' Utility Mat

Add some personal style to your vehicle with the Tweety ''All Fired Up'' utility mat. The heavy-duty rubberized construction with a recessed web grid provides extra protection and durability while offering a great look. Includes (1) black, 17''x14'' utility mat. This exciting utility mat is not just for cars, it's also great around the house or garage! By Plasticolor.
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Trimbrite Silver & Black Stripe Kit

<--Click to enlarge Coordinated Graphic & Stripe Customize any vehicle
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Rally? Liqui-Cream Wax ( 14 oz. )

This unique Liqui-Cream Wax features an easy squeeze bottle application. It's easy on and off, and leaves a rich, beautiful shine. Safely cleans & polishes metallic, enamel & clearcoat finishes Long-lasting protection  
SKU: ralliqwax14o
Category: Car Care Accessories

Interdynamics Stop Leak & Detector

R-134a Auto Air Conditioner Leak Detector And Sealer ? Stops most Air Conditioner Leaks. Usually from Rubber Parts, Including Gaskets, Hoses and O Rings ? Red Dye Locates Leaks Needing Mechanical Repair ? Charges into Air Conditioning System with Standard  R-134a  Valve and Hose DO NOT USE IN R-12 A/C SYSTEMS
SKU: instlede
Category: Repair Accessories & Chemicals

DesignTech Wireless Mail Alert System

You will never again have to trudge out in the cold, rain or snow only to see if your mail has been delivered! The Wireless Mail Alert System notifies you immediately when your mail is delivered so you can take care of business quickly. It is designed to work with conventional mailboxes with doors that open downwards. When the mailman opens your mailbox door, the Mail Alert sensor sends a radio signal to the indoor receiver. The receiver inside your home or office will chime every 5 minutes for 2 hours and constantly flash until you reset it to let you know that mail has arrived. By DesignTech. Features: Mail Alert sensor sends a radio signal to the indoor receiver when the mailman opens your mailbox Once triggered, the receiver will chime every 5 minutes for two hours and the red MAIL button will flash constantly to alert you that the mail has arrived Simple and easy to reset after you pick up your mail by pressing the "Mail" button Small, rugged and weatherproof sensor provides years of reliable service Easy installation - Plug the AC adapter into the Mail Alert receiver and any electrical outlet, and use the included double-sided foam tape to permanently attach the sensor inside the mailbox door 300 foot range between sensor and receiver is great for long driveways 1 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty FCC and DOC approved Made in the USA
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Category: Car Alarm Systems

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