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Mobil 1 Racing 0W-30 Oil for High Performance Engines

Previously available only to professional racing teams, the Mobil 1 Racing OW-30 formula combines the best of Mobil 1's patented SuperSyn? technology with boosted levels of anti-wear additives, giving maximum protection and minimizing internal friction for exceptional power output. The specially designed high-performance motor oil is recommended for professional and amateur horsepower enthusiasts because it provides the performance drivers want from their high-powered engines every time they get behind the wheel. Mobil 1 Racing Oil also incorporates anti-wear technology to help protect supercharged, turbocharged and high-revving engines with outstanding shear stability and a robust additive package to extend engine life. Compared to conventional racing oils and higher-viscosity synthetic motor oils, Mobil 1 Racing provides faster flow to critical engine parts to provide the ultimate in performance. PRICES: 1 Qt. for  $10.95 each *Special* Buy 6 or more Qts. for only $9.50 each!
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Covercraft Multibond Ready-Fit Pickup Truck Covers

Click Here To Find The Covercraft ReadyFit Semi Custom Cover   For Your Car or Truck The Covercraft Multibond Ready-Fit Car Cover will protect your vehicle from rain, snow, sun, and dust! The Block-It? 200 Series fabric offers three layers of protection against even the worst elements! This lighterweight, three-layer polypropelene fabric protects against acid rain, dust, tree sap and many more industrial pollutants. Features: Lightweight - Easy to use, and less bulky for compact storage Soft & Non-Abrasive - Will not scratch paint Breathable - Allows moisture and condensation to evaporate and also won't trap heat under the cover on hot days Moisture, Mold & UV Resistant - Polypropylene fibers are naturally moisture resistant and treated for extra UV protection Good Dust Protection - When used indoors, keeps vehicle cleaner than most woven fabrics Two (2) Year Limited Warranty against defects in workmanship and/or the fabric becoming unserviceable during normal use - Covercraft will repair or replace after required factory inspection Made with durable, double stitched overlapped seams and neoprene elastic in the front and rear hem! Although the Multibond cover will not let water in, it is breathable to let moisture and condensation out! The cover dries quickly to prevent rot and mildew and can then be folded up for compact and easy handling and storage! By Covercraft. We have Covercraft Multibond Ready Fit Truck Covers for most trucks. They are not available for the Dodge Dakota, Toyota Tundra and Lincoln Blackwood. We will contact you if there are any additional charges due to truck add-ons such as Caps, Light Bars, etc.
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Xtreme Letter Kitt

Self-Adhesive 2.25? Vinyl letters are available in Black or white. Over 100 letters and numbers plus extra symbols. Decals 5.5?x23.5?, Package 6?x 27?. Available in Black or White.
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Westley's Bleche Wite Tire Cleaner (20 oz.)

The best selling formula that attacks brake dust, dirt and solvent dressing. Makes whitewalls and blackwalls look like new. An excellent prep agent for Black Magic Tire Wet, it's also a great idea to pre-spray on tires before going through a commercial car wash.
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Low & High Side Port Complete Conversion Adapter Kit

These adapters have been designed to change over R-12 to R-134a service ports to receive an R-134a charge only. They contain a locking adhesive to prevent  their removal and to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination. All vehicles 1976-95 excluding some GM cars 91 & up. 2 Adapters: Low Side 7/16" port High Side  3/8"  port  UPC# 048168 04920 2
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Automatic ''T'' Style Shift Knobs

Ractive?s shift knob line-up is so diverse, we?re positive that we carry a shift knob for every enthusiast.  The automatic style shift knob gives a unique flare for your car's interior.  Available in red, blue, and silver.   TK200 Silver TK200RD Red TK200BL Blue  
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