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Tastevin With Chain

Tastevin with Neck Chain. The tradition of the Tastevin dates back to 300 B.C. and is still revered today by cellar masters and wine connoisseurs alike. By scrutinizing wine in a multi-faceted bowl that reflects light in all directions you can easily establish color and clarity. Silverplated stainless steel.. Includes a 41' neck chainGift boxed.
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Category: Glassware

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Vineyard Pillow

Vineyard Pillow highly complementary. Coordinate your décor with a tapestry throw and pillows in the same fresh lighthearted pattern as our place mats and runner. Pretty on a bed or casual sofa they add a note of color and comfort to a room. Tapestry: woven of 70% poly 30% cotton. Pillow is woven tapestry backed with 100% cotton on both sides. Measures 17 in x 17.5 in. Made in the USA.
SKU: 352 14 03
Category: Home Decor

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Wine Bottle Tagging System

No hang tags for you… The neatest way to tag your fine wines. Re-usable plastic tags keep your cellar as elegant as the wines in it. Mark vintage and “clip” onto bottle neck. You’ll instantly identify each bottle at a glance. Merely wipe clean and re-use. Packaged 48 in wooden gift box. Charming hostess gift.
SKU: 571 45
Category: Serve and Preserve

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Port Sippers (set of 2)

Port Sippers what a lovely way to spend an evening. Dating back to 17th century Europe the port sipper then known as a ‘Schnapps Pfeiffe’ was made of ceramic material and uniquely designed so that the spirits were sipped through the stems from the bottom where they had no chance to oxidize. This enhanced the flavor of wines like port and liqueurs and still does. Unexpected pleasures that are uncommonly beautiful these modern-day sippers are crafted of durable hand-blown glass. Set of 2. 3.25'H 4-oz.
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Category: Glassware

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