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The Cascade Decanter

The elegant modern Cascade Decanter features a ribbed neck designed to permit the wine to 'open up'. Its ultra wide bowl provides for maximum breathing. Crafted in Italy its unique design permits a confident hold for easy pouring. Gift boxed. 53 ozs.
SKU: 761 25
Category: Glassware

One Bottle Instant Wine Chiller

Bottle Chiller works 10 times faster than chilling in a freezer and 20 times faster than chilling in a refrigerator for chilling wine! Use it and you’ll never get caught entertaining without perfectly chilled wine again. Just fill the ABS plastic reservoir with ice and water. A small pump and motor drive with rollers spins the beverage container and chills it quickly. Stands conveniently on a countertop (it’s about the size of a toaster). Works with most 750ml bottles or single servings of beverages. Features a an electronic timer key pad. Also heats/warms just by adding hot tap water. No spin function for chilling delicate wines. To chill wine from room temperature of 77 degrees F to 43 degrees F for a standard wine bottle is 6 minutes single serve bottle is 3.5 minutes and for a can is 1 minute. To chill to 55 degrees F will only take 3 minutes for a standard wine bottle. 9'H x 6'W x 141⁄2'D.
SKU: 527 01
Category: Serve and Preserve

Travel Wine Glasses (Set/2)

You have to have these. These are fabulous for times when fine crystal just isn’t an option - like picnics campouts trips on trains far less luxurious than the Royal Scotsman. Crafted of environmentally friendly Lexan® polycarbonate plastic they’re lightweight generously shaped stain resistant and virtually indestructible. The stems unscrew and they pack like pros into any travel tote. Two travel glasses each 6 1/4'H 10 oz.
SKU: 765 07 02
Category: Glassware

10 Label Savers

Quickly easily removes most wine or beer labels by actually splitting then separating the front-printed surface from the adhesive back. You're left with a laminated memento to save in your Cellar Album.
SKU: 1341A
Category: Enthusiast Recommends

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