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Classic OTR Tumblers (set/4)

Dazzling optic patterns. Crafted in France from hand-cut 24% lead crystal by Cristal d’Arques. Choose 13-oz. highball 11-oz. on-the-rocks or 43 oz pitcher.
SKU: 771 17 01
Category: Glassware


Cocktail-opoly isn’t the same game you played as a kid…or is it? Roll the dice and move your martini token around the board buying up properties and collecting rent from your fellow players. The rules are the same but everything else is about drinks drinks drinks. You’ll learn as you play and have a blast while you do it. Or try Wineopoly the wine lovers version of that same great game. Buy up different grape varieties and answer wine trivia questions for a fabulous fun time.
SKU: 905 03 01
Category: Unique Gifts

Corkscrew and Bottle Opener (Ivory)

A 2-piece corkscrew and bottle opener that fits conveniently in your pocket or bag. Ideal for travel.
SKU: 437 10 21
Category: Corkscrews

Stem Design Brush

Imagine crystal stemware that almost glows with your personalized designs at holiday gatherings a birthday dinner or even a wedding or bridal shower. With this kit you'll be able to paint a name or design on a wine stem then bake it in an ordinary oven to intensify colors and make the design permanent. Paint is non-toxic of course. After baking colors are dishwasher safe.
SKU: 905 05 99
Category: Unique Gifts

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