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Private Preserve Pillow (Angela Staehling)

These pillows are a natural for stylish décor. Artist Angela Staehling’s four designs in 100% wool needle and petitpoint decorate these delightful throw pillows. They’re backed with velvet each display one of her original wine cork patterns. Feather and down filled. 12'H x 12'W. Imported.
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Category: Home Decor

Wine Essence

This unique and valuable kit allows you to speak about wine like a true professional. Learn how to taste wine while you are guided through its mysteries and pleasures. The kit is based upon international studies that have identified nine principal components of wine. The principal 'essences'—along with their level of concentration and intensity—are what ultimately determine a wine’s flavor and character. The kit includes these nine essences—sweet bitter sour smooth acetic flowery fruity oak and tannin—individually bottled and carefully prepared so that the suggested dilution corresponds to their concentration in wine. The more you use the kit the better you’ll be able to identify the separate tastes in wine and understand the countless ways in which they can be blended. You’ll also enjoy wine more and feel completely at ease when you’re ordering it in restaurants or discussing it with other Wine Enthusiasts. Kit also includes a detailed instruction booklet all necessary labels and a wine tasting glass. Click here for more details
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Category: Unique Gifts

Riedel O Line White Burgundy/Chard (Set/2)

As Claus Riedel first revolutionized stemware thirty years ago so has his grandson Maximilian taken the benchmark shapes of Riedel Vinum and revolutionized stemware for the next generation. Chic’ly casual the tumbler-as-wine-stem has been fine-tuned to enhance the pleasure of your favorite varietals. Aesthetically pleasing yet dishwasher safe these wine tumblers are ideal for everyday. Made in Germany of lead-free crystal. Gift boxed in sets of 2. 3 5/8'H 20 3/4 oz.
SKU: 710 23 02
Category: Glassware

Spiegelau Authentis Chardonnay (set/6)

World-famous Spiegelau has created an exciting new stemware collection that's a must for every Wine Enthusiast. The graceful Authentis collection epitomizes clean elegant design while using amazing technological advances that have enabled machines to blow glass and pull delicate stems that rival even the finest handmade designs of master glassblowers. The size and shape of each stem has been meticulously tailored to showcase its partnered wine so that flavor and bouquet are transmitted in a truly 'authentic' manner. It's unique shape features larger bowls that flare into diamond-shaped angles before they narrow at the top enhancing a wine's bouquet and elevating flavor to its maximum potential. Sold in sets of 6. Measures 7 3/4' 12 3/4 oz.
SKU: 724 03 06
Category: Glassware

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