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Bordex 12 Bottle Wine Rack

Our exclusive mini-rack kit holds a case of your favorite wine and fits into any corner of your home. This modular design was created specifically for Wine Enthusiasts who need an affordable storage system that can grow with their collection. Crafted from natural hand-oiled Australian oak and is easily assembled. Connectex® clips of baked enamel-on-steel are available to combine two three or more racks. 13'H x 13'W. 12 bottle wine rack function flashWindow(){ popup ='/templates/3d_instructions.htm' '' 'height=566 width=781 scrollbars=no'); }Click here for an animated demo
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Miniature Distilling Machine

Turn wine into brandy with our Miniature Distilling Machine The chemistry set for connoisseurs. Satisfy your thirst for experimentation and for good full-proof spirits! This is a working version of the professional apparatus used by the world's finest distilleries. Put in your favorite wine aperitif beer ale or stout and transform them into hearty grappas (by adding water) eau de vies (by adding fruit juice) distilled brandies and whiskeys. Crafted in Italy with style and precision it makes a fascinating display. Note: Under the laws of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms this still is exempt from regulations for setting up and registration of distilling apparatus provided that it is not used for distilling.
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"Buy and Sell" Cufflinks

Whether he’s buying or selling these astute and glossy cufflinks will display his savvy for Wall Street. Handpolished the heavy 24K gold plating is delicately accented with black enamel lettering. 1⁄2'H x 3⁄4'W. Swivel back and gift boxed.
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Category: Unique Gifts

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Enthusiast Burgundy/Pinot Noir Stems Set of 4

BURGUNDY/PINOT NOIR. Exclusive Enthusiast Stems made by hand to our exact specifications. To create the wine glasses that would bear our name we studied the science of taste and the nuances of bouquet. We sought out glasses that would feel as soft as a kiss with each shape designed to bring out the best qualities of a particular wine variety. Everything is first class except the price. So raise your glasses to affordable connoisseur quality. Dishwasher safe. Available in foursomes. 7-1/2'H 20 oz.Gift boxed.
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