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Incontinence Mens Brief XXL

Protection for urinary problems in regular fitting underwear. Built-in waterproof liner keeps clothes, skin dry. Please specify by men's waist size: S (28-32), M (34-36), L (38-40), XL (42-44), XXL (46-52). 100% cotton; Canada.
SKU: 1003644 XXL
Category: Personal Care Personal Grooming

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Glass Bacon Press

Bacon press cooks bacon evenly on both sides, no curled ends that don't get cooked! Heatproof glass keeps bacon flat, lets it cook clear through without charred spots. Serve a great breakfast, brunch or BLT . . . make crispy bits for salads, quiches and omelets! Dishwasher safe, 8" diameter press features stay-cool plastic knob. Clear glass lets you see when bacon is done and ready to serve. Makes bacon easy to handle without greasy spatters!
SKU: 1010982
Category: In the Kitchen Food Preparation

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Electric Burner Covers White Set/2

Burner Covers in Your Choice of Colors! Don't have time to clean up the burners before guests arrive? Conceal baked-on messes instantly. Set of 2 metal covers hides two gas or electric burners in a second. You'll appreciate the extra serving space for casseroles, vegetables, potatoes and gravy! Measures 20x11x1/2". Choose color.
SKU: 1006036 25
Category: In the Kitchen Clean & Organized

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Garden Boots Small

Garden boots keep feet dry. Soft green latex with nonskid soles wears for years. Rinse clean inside and out! Small fits ladies (6-8), men's(4-6), Medium fits ladies' (8-10), men's (7-8), and Large fits ladies' (10-12), men's (9-10). Choose a size below.
SKU: 1002297 SMA
Category: Outdoor & Garden Lawn & Garden co. LLC. USA inc. All rights reserved.
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