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Cracker Container Square

Stay Fresh Cracker Keepers pre-serve crisp and crunchy flavor. Airtight bins of see-through plastic have snap-on lids. Round 4-1/2x2-1/4x4-5/8" size stores 32 crackers or 16 sandwich cookies. Square 5-1/2x2-3/4x5-1/4" size holds package of saltines. Choose size.
SKU: 1004743 SQU
Category: In the Kitchen Food Preparation

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Faucet Wrap

Faucet wrap insulates your outdoor faucet! Protect your home against bursting pipes when temperatures drop below freezing! Place wrap over faucet, pull against wall snugly and secure with self-fastening strap. Weatherproof 6-1/4 x 6 x 6" vinyl has Thinsulate core . . . the same quality protective material in ski wear! Inexpensive winterization!
SKU: 1001269
Category: Sale

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Under Vac Extender

Easily clean around heavy appliances and furniture without lifting or moving! Wafer-thin Slim-Vac extender suctions up dirt and debris from the tiniest crevices. A must for cleaning underneath and behind washer, dryer and refrigerator-eliminates lint and dust buildup that can be a potential fire hazard. Openings on underside middle section and at the end pull in dirt from different directions. Plastic extender measures 38-1/2 x 2"; fits 1-1/2" diameter hoses.
SKU: 1010610
Category: Sale

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Refrigerator Jug-40 1/2 Oz

Slim, Snug-Tight 40-1/2 oz. Jug fits in the fridge door to store 3 times the beverages! Don't let bulky cartons and fat jugs overtake your refrigerator. Clear glass jug with rubber airtight lid and a nondrip spout serves milk, water or juice attractively on the table. Available in a 40-1/2 oz. size.
SKU: 1005011
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