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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Accurately monitor your blood pressure anywhere, any time, at home or on the go. Slip on the comfortable, wristwatch-style monitor, press a button and the cuff automatically inflates. Large, easy-to-read digital display shows systolic and diastolic pressures and pulse. Press the memory recall button to display up to 99 previous readings plus date and time to track blood pressure history. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included. Others sell for $59.99.
SKU: 1005403
Category: At Home Bed and Bath

Toe Straightner Silicone Crest Right

Molded silicone insert eases "hammer" toes back into proper alignment. Nestles under your curled toes to hold sensitive bent toes straighter and secure in a more natural position. Helps eliminate friction when toes rub. Silicone Crest helps relieve that painful pressure to the tips of your toes that makes every step agony. One size fits most men and women for each style of insert.
SKU: 1005172
Category: Sale

Solar Curtain 36X81

Solar curtain helps prevent loss of heat from your home in winter, keeps home cooler in summer. Amazing fabric cuts glare, reduces fading of furniture; you can see out, no one sees in. Rod pocket makes hanging curtain a cinch. Silver, metalized polyethylene. Trim to fit. See list below photo for other sizes available.
SKU: 1010633
Category: At Home Household Items

Locking Luggage Strap-Rainbow

Locking strap for luggage stops thieves in their tracks. Prevents accidental openings. Rugged, 2" wide nylon web can't be loosened or pulled off once it's locked. You set your own combination! Adjusts to 72". Makes it easy to spot your luggage in the baggage claim area!
SKU: 1002570
Category: At Home Storage & Organizers

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