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Silverfish Paks- S/24

Kill silverfish without fuss or bother! Silverfish Paks destroy these year-round pests that eat wool, paper, linen and cellulose materials. No harmful sprays or powders will touch your hands. Place odorless, wafer-thin packets under rugs, behind curtains, in closets and dark hidden places. Used by libraries, museums and pest control companies...satisfaction is guaranteed. Place away from children and pets. Box of 24.
SKU: 1005048
Category: At Home Cleaning & Repair

Pers Stoneware Crock 1 Q

Personalized Stoneware Crock bring personality to your kitchen counter, sun room or living room hearth. Your name handpainted in blue adds the winning touch! Ideal for kitchen utensils, a flower bouquet or climbing vine. Enter name or message, up to 2 lines, 16 letters and spaces each. Please place separate orders for multiple personalization.
SKU: 1002793
Category: In the Kitchen Clean & Organized

Easter Baking Tin

Bake a Bunch of Eggs This Easter! Ornamental eggs, smiling and frolicking bunnies add new flair to the Easter Egg Hunt! Teflon(R) coated steel pan releases individual favorites using box cake or muffin mix. Just seal with plastic wrap. Kids enjoy decorating and sharing these baked sensations with their friends at school! Measures 14x10-1/2x-3/4". Tasty recipe included.
SKU: 1010419
Category: In the Kitchen Food Preparation

Damask Chair Cover Taupe

Damask Chair Covers revive old chairs to look brand new! Enjoy an instant dining room makeover without sewing, pinning or reupholstery. Protect new chairs from stains, too. Adjusts with self-fastening closure to fit seats up to 20" square; decorative corner ties included. Made in USA of 70% polyester, 30% cotton; machine wash and dry. Choose color.
SKU: 1005247 66
Category: In the Kitchen Tablecloths/Chair Covers

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