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Handy Hook Mirror

Handy Hook Mirror(TM) Leaves Your Hands Free! Hang, hook, or stand it anywhere(TM). Holds steadfast in any position with flexible coil that bends to shape, then "locks" in place. Hooks around your neck to apply makeup precisely; hangs over a shower head for men's smooth shaves. Reshapes to a table mirror, adjusting in height and angle, to comb, curl and style hair. Chrome-tone finish has 5X magnification mirror on one side, regular on reverse. Coil wraps back into frame for flat storage; only 2-1/2" thick, 7-1/2" diameter for travel!
SKU: 1005386
Category: At Home Bed and Bath

Quick Shine 27 oz

Revive Floors to Mirror-Like Shine Instantly! Restore color, texture and patterns without buffing! Professional gloss enhancers work with specialized leveling agents to take years of foot traffic off no wax flooring: vinyl, linoleum, marble, tile and sealed wood. So easy to do... just dispense and mop dry. It's like a new floor in a bottle!(TM) QuickShine(R) is 27 fl. oz.
SKU: 1010209
Category: At Home Cleaning & Repair

Moist Heat Neck Rest

Recommended by doctors, nurses and therapists for joint and muscle pain relief, body contouring Therabeads microwaveable heat delivers soothing moist relief safely at the correct temperature levels needed for effective therapy. Hydroscopic beads mixed with a special fluid capture moisture and conduct optimum heat without hydration. You'll love how the extra soft, comfortable fabric feels against your skin. Therabeads can be reused indefinitely, as the beads recover moisture from air between uses! Has polyester covering; quality made in USA. Measures 13x10".
SKU: 1004280
Category: Personal Care Better Health

Egg Slicer

Triple Duty Egg Slicer cuts 10 uniform slices, 6 perfect wedges or dices without ever using a knife! Top off potato salad with yolks intact inside perfectly round whites. Create equal crescents or diced boiled eggs in a second! Egg piercer makes peeling a dream. Plastic, dishwasher safe unit with stainless steel wires is 7 x 4-1/2 x 1-1/2".
SKU: 1004786
Category: In the Kitchen Handy Helpers

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