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Square Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Square Skillet grills 4 sandwiches, burgers or patty melts using 1 burner - and only 1 pan to clean! USA-made pan heats quickly and evenly for uniform results. 10-1/2" square.
SKU: 1003884
Category: In the Kitchen Food Preparation

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Drip Bowl Gas Rectangular

Porcelain Drip Pan puts an end to tough, messy cleanups and hours of soaking to remove burned-on foods! Every spill, from boilovers to hardened grease, wipes off easily. Or pans zip clean safely in the dishwasher! Your range will always be spotless. Rectangular black pan for gas stoves fits over two burners. Ends cleanup between burners!
SKU: 1004676
Category: Sale

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Kitty Shaped Pillow

A Cat So Real, You Look Twice! Who's sitting so curiously in your easy chair ... on your bed? It's your new house live-in fooling the keenest of eyes. Shaped tapestry pillow with black back is an imposter, but you can't tell at a glance! 14x15".
SKU: 1005060
Category: At Home Bed and Bath

Click Here for More information or to Buy online Velcro Fasteners White
Velcro Fasteners White

Sticky Back(r), cut-to-fit Velcro(r) brand closure turns a great invention into 100's of everyday uses! Forget about messy glue, nails and tape! Instantly hang pictures and photo frames, secure rugs to floors--keep cell phone and coffee mug on the car's dash. Use it in place of snaps, zippers and buttons on sewing projects! Just trim 2-part tape to size; each side self-adheres. Jumbo 4' roll saves money. Saves space! Hang up flashlights, small tools and gadgets in cabinets. Buy 2 or and save! Made in the USA.
SKU: 1003253 25
Category: At Home Cleaning & Repair

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