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Christmas Postcards

Want to send a nice message quickly, easily, and inexpensively? Just jot down a quick note along with the address, add a stamp, and drop this colorful postcard in the mail! This postcard measures 4" x 6". 30 postcards per pack.
Manufacturer: Teacher Created Materials
SKU: 1938
Category: Postcards

Math Simulations

Students learn how to use a checking account, find affordable housing, compare costs of transportation, buy food, and pay bills.
Manufacturer: Teacher Created Materials
SKU: 0192
Category: Books

Roaring Twenties & Great Depression (Exploring History)

Create a live radio show. Explore the influence of Flappers on American society. Investigate a gangster hit with the Untouchables during Prohibition. Invest and lose everything in an unpredictable stock market. Wait for soup in a breadline. The bonus items are two 22" x 34" full-color charts: Highlights of the 1920s and Highlights of the 1930s.
Manufacturer: Teacher Created Materials
SKU: 2691
Category: Exploring History

Native Americans Thematic Unit

Native Americans Thematic Unit is based on the following pieces of literature: Annie and the Old Ones, The Desert Is Theirs, The Gift of the Sacred Dog. This reproducible resource is filled with ready-to-use lessons and cross-curricular activities. Also included are management ideas, creative suggestions for the classroom, and a bibliography.
Manufacturer: Teacher Created Materials
SKU: 0285
Category: Books

Hand Made Level 8 (Early Readers from TIME For Kids)

This series contains 44 books and they are divided into 10 distinct levels of reading difficulty. Level 1 is for children who are just beginning to read. Level 10 corresponds to the reading competencies expected of students at the end of Grade 1. The designation of Levels 1-10 is based on several of the latest research findings. True to life photographs help youngsters learn what animals and objects really look like. Appealing meaningful photographs help beginning readers and ELL students follow the text. Nonfiction stories and high-interest topics appeal to beginning readers of any age. People featured in the books are from multicultural backgrounds. This is a Level 8 book. It is also available as part of a 4-book set of leveled books.
Manufacturer: Teacher Created Materials
SKU: 8526
Category: Books

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