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Blackberry Sage

Blackberry Sage. Tea For Wisdom

The soft taste and aroma of fresh blackberries is experienced with the first sip of this fruity tea. A subtle undertone of cool white sage adds a breathy, balanced finish. A tea for sipping and singing. Also wonderful on ice.
Quanity: 50 Tea Bags
Manufacturer: Republic of Tea
Manufacturer No.: 40028
SKU: 128201
Category: Coffee and Tea

The Wine Clip

The Wine Clip. The Wine Clip uses a specially designed magnetic circuit to instantly enhance the flavor and bouquet of any type of wine. Simply attach The Wine Clip to a bottle of wine and pour normally. The Wine Clip is powered by an array of Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Boron magnets - the most powerful magnets available. The action of the wine passing through the magnetic field breaks up the wine's natural tannins creating a smoother, more refined flavor that is unmistakable. It is as if the wine has been aged several years in just an instant. The Wine Clip ehnances the wine's flavor immediately without having to wait 25 or 30 minutes as is typically required with other products. Packaged in a wooden box. It makes the perfect gift. Lifetime Warranty.
Manufacturer No.:
SKU: 50130
Category: Wine Accessories

Precidio Olives Cocktail Shaker

Precidio Olives Cocktail Shaker. This fun Olive Cocktail Shaker is perfect for shaking up martinis. To make a great set, see item 37146, the Olive Martini Glass and item 37148, the Olive Coasters.
Capacity: 20 oz.
Cleaning and Care: Hand Wash with Gentle Cleanser
Manufacturer No.: 8320529
Manufacturer: Precidio
SKU: 37147
Category: Bar Accessories

Krups TeaStyle Cordless Electric Kettle

Krups TeaStyle Cordless Electric Kettle. This attractive kettle has a 10+ cup capacity (1.7 liters). The base of the kettle is a 360 degree rotational base and the kettle has an open handle design. The kettle offers automatic shut-off and a built in safety mechanism that keeps the kettle from scorching after the water boils dry. There is an anti-scale filter and a water level indicator. The concealed heating element decreases lime scale build up. With a cordless kettle, serving is easy and convenient. The kettle has a hinged locking lid.
Manufacturer No.: FLB115-75
Manufacturer: Krups
SKU: 95033
Category: Electrics

iSi Easy Whip - Whipped Cream Maker - On Backorder

iSi Easy Whip - Whipped Cream Maker - On Backorder. The iSi Easy Whip makes fresh whipped cream in seconds and dispenses at the push of a button. This cream whipper has only a few parts so it's easy to disassemble and clean. Add heavy or whipping cream and twist in an iSi cream charger. It's that easy. Add your favorite ingredients or syrups to create delicious flavored desserts. Fresh whipped cream is great for coffee, hot chocolate, ice cream, or dessert. Includes one cream charger.
Size: 1 Pint
Cleaning and Care Hand wash with gentle cleanser
Manufacturer No.: 6670
Manufacturer: iSi
SKU: 36019
Category: Coffee and Tea

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