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Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine Chiller Silver

Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine Chiller Silver. The VacuVin Rapid Ice Wine Cooler consists of a non-toxic, flexible gel inside multi-layered foil. The Wine Cooler actively chills drinks in 5 minutes and keeps them chilled for hours.
Materials: Plastic, Foil, Non-Toxic Gel
Manufacturer No.: 3880350
Manufacturer: Vacu Vin
SKU: 14014
Category: Wine Accessories

Rogar The Champion Wine Opener Set with Black Granite Handle & Stand

Rogar The Champion Wine Opener Set with Black Granite Handle & Stand. The Champion wine opener is a recreation of the original Champion first produced in 1897. Even the original artwork featuring a Jacobean vine and flower design has been duplicated. The wine opener is made with die cast zinc metal and is Pewter plated. This Champion model has a specially designed black granite stand and matching black granite handle for use on any table or counter top. To use, place wine bottle into clamps, rotate the handle downward to open the bottle, then rotate back to release the cork.
Please note: Expedited shipping, gift wrapping, gift note not available on this item.
Manufacturer No.: 854
Manufacturer: Rogar
SKU: 53017
Category: Wine Accessories

Krups Moka Brew Coffee Maker, 8 Cup

Krups Moka Brew Coffee Maker, 8 Cup. The Moka brewing system uses steam's natural pressure to extract full coffee flavor, resulting in a rich Italian-style coffee. This coffee maker was designed for the true coffee enthusiast. This unit features a generous 8 cup capacity. The Aroma-Saving filter chamber preserves the coffee aroma. A safety latch holds the carafe in place. The heating element and water resevoir are made of stainless steel. The On/Off switch is illuminated for easy use. Includes 100 paper filters.
Manufacturer No.: F468-42
Manufacturer: Krups
SKU: 95034
Category: Electrics

Henckels Four Star 10 in. Flexible Slicer

Henckels Four Star 10 in. Flexible Slicer. J.A. Henckels has been manufacturing top quality knives since its founding in Solingen, Germany, more than 260 years ago. Simple, heavy duty and functional, all Henckels knives are made from high carbon, no-stain steel and crafted using the FRIODUR ice-hardening process for maximum blade strength and a long-lasting edge. Each knife features full tang construction using Henckels exclusive Sintermetal Component Technology, which combines optimum alloys to each of the three distinctive parts of the knife; blade, tang, and bolster. This technology improves edge retention, balance, and corrosion and pitting resistance. Knives in the Four Star series feature a precision honed, laser controlled blade, balanced super-bolster, and a hygenic, slip-proof, polypropylene handle which is permanently bonded for seamless accuracy. Dishwasher safe. Thinner, more flexible blade than the heavier Chef's knives enabling the blade to cut straight, thin slices of meat or large cakes.
Size 10
Materials Handle: Polypropylene
Cleaning and Care Dishwasher safe
Manufacturer No.: 31070-260
Manufacturer: Henckels
SKU: 19059
Category: Knives

Vacu Vin Vacuum Wine Saver, Black

Vacu Vin Vacuum Wine Saver, Black. With 20 million users worldwide, the Vacu Vin Vacuum Wine Saver has proven to be one of the most popular wine accessories ever. The VacuVin Vacuum Wine Saver removes the air from opened bottles of wine and prevents the oxidizing effect of air from spoiling the unfinished wine. The bottle can be opened and resealed as often as you like and the wine will stay fresh until the last drop. Includes 2 bottle stoppers.
Materials: Plastic, Rubber
Cleaning and Care: Wash with gentle cleanser
Manufacturer No.: 0982450
Manufacturer: Vacu Vin
SKU: 14022
Category: Wine Accessories

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