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Tods Shoes

Black leather with elastic side panels. "Dandy" sole. J.P. Tod's is the fastest growing italian brand. Quality is first when it comes to their handbgas and shoes. All in premium italian leather and handmade.Made in Italy by J.P. Tod's.
Manufacturer: Tods
SKU: 22915
Category: Womens Shoes

Raffaello Handmade Ties

Black and white pattern on dark brown background, handmade in Italy, these ties come from a traditional lab where craftsmen work as they used to do a century ago. A very special item by Raffaello.
Manufacturer: Raffaello HandMade
SKU: 19893
Category: Ties

Dolce & Gabbana Mens Clothing Fall - Winter 2004/05 - Wool Sweater

Made in Italy by Dolce & Gabbana.
Manufacturer: Dolce & Gabbana
SKU: 36077
Category: Mens Clothing

Mila Schon Ties

Gold dots on olive background. The luxury of these Ties is unique. These masterpieces are hand made and special care is taken on every detail (e.g. the width of the border). Only conisseurs know about the excellence and beauty of these very Distinctive Ties. 100% premium silk, made in Italy.
Manufacturer: Mila Schon
SKU: 24335
Category: Ties

Fornasetti Ties

Yellow and green letters togheter with white, red violet, yellow and grey objects on orange background, Piero Fornasetti was born in Milan, and is now famous as a painter, sculptor, interior decorator, engraver of art books and organiser of international exhibitions and events. He has designed more than 11.000 types of product (such as ties, scarves, waistcoats, umbrellas), as well as articles for the home such as china, furniture, lamps, etc.) inspired by common or unusual sceneries and cultures. His work is characterized by a combination of rigorous attention to detail, a strong sense of imagination and an elegant and mystical sense of humour. Made in Italy by Fornasetti, Milano.
Manufacturer: Fornasetti
SKU: 17952
Category: Ties

Giorgio Armani Sunglasses

Made in Italy by Giorgio Armani , Milano
Manufacturer: Giorgio Armani
SKU: 31391
Category: Sunglasses

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