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Raffaello Leather Wallets

Made in Italy by Raffaello.
Manufacturer: Raffaello
SKU: 26985
Category: Mens Wallets

Givenchy Sunglasses

Made in Italy by Givenchy.
Manufacturer: Givenchy
SKU: 22349
Category: Sunglasses

Prada Coin Purse

Black saffiano leather purse. Zip closure. Exclusive wallets collection by Prada. Documents wallets and credit card holders with a lot of pace for all taste and needs. A "must" among our fashion accessories to complete and refine Prada look.
Manufacturer: Prada
SKU: 22338
Category: Mens Wallets

Etro Sunglasses

Made in Italy by Etro
Manufacturer: Etro Sunglasses
SKU: 6643
Category: Sunglasses

Fornasetti Ties

Zebras on cream background, Piero Fornasetti was born in Milan, and is now famous as a painter, sculptor, interior decorator, engraver of art books and organiser of international exhibitions and events. He has designed more than 11.000 types of product (such as ties, scarves, waistcoats, umbrellas), as well as articles for the home such as china, furniture, lamps, etc.) inspired by common or unusual sceneries and cultures. His work is characterized by a combination of rigorous attention to detail, a strong sense of imagination and an elegant and mystical sense of humour. Made in Italy by Fornasetti, Milano.
Manufacturer: Fornasetti
SKU: 18090
Category: Ties

Etro Handbags

Made in Italy by Etro.
Manufacturer: Etro
SKU: 34267
Category: Handbags

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