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Attractive European style form-fitting Euroguards complement the subtle contours of your truck or SUV while adding rugged protection of both on and off road driving. Constructed of black powder coated or Chromed steel. No drilling required for Front Euroguards, but drilling is required for rears.
SKU: 72005 502
Category: Miscellaneous


This fully integrated accessory for the Sports Rack (sold separately) allows you to make even better use of the handiest rack around! The Sports Rack Loader doubles the load carrying capacity of the Sports Rack to 250lbs. without having to drill a single hole! The loader kit replaces the front support tubes with versions that bolt both the side and front of the windshield hinges, and at the rear - with support bars that bolt directly to the body tub mounts. In addition unique support bars attach front and rear support bars to the top load bars.
SKU: 12130 12
Category: Miscellaneous


How about a perfect replacement for that bent or wrinkled old stock bumper? Predrilled and ready to bolt on, these bumpers are available in triple chrome plate, stainless steel or rich black powder coat.
SKU: 22006 43
Category: Miscellaneous

CAT CONVERTER 75-78 CJ W/ 258 6 CYL.

It's a common belief that all catalytic converters place a choke-hold on performance. Random Technology disproves that theory with their Super High Flow catalytic converters. Removal of a converter is not only an illegal modification but likely to decrease horsepower. Obviously gas mileage and horsepower vary, but by using a high efficiency catalytic converter, an engine will produce maximum power while remaining emissions legal. Stainless steel construction with monolith type ceramic/metallic bricks rather than pellets.Monolith type converters are more efficient since their honeycomb construction provides lots of small passages for exhaust gas to flow. Installation kits, sold separately, include necessary hardware for installation (17611.56). Please have Vehicle Year, Model & Engine size ready when ordering.
SKU: 17611 10
Category: Miscellaneous


Some owners simply want protection for the leading edge of the hood on their vehicle. For these folks, we are proud to offer the Hood Only Deflector Bra. It's perfect for SUV's with auxilary lights, or bumpers that don't work with full bras. Inexpensive hood protection never looked so good. Available in black only.
SKU: 61065 01
Category: Miscellaneous


Jeep fans, Jeep owners, and even those just contemplating the purchase of a Jeep, there is no substitute for this incredibly popular, versatile vehicle-over 3.5 million Jeeps have been sold since 1945. And for everything you need to get the most out of Jeep ownership, there is no substitute for Jeep Owner's Bible by Moses Ludel. Recently updated Jeep Owner's Bible is generously illustrated with over 700 photos spanning 381 info-packed pages. The Jeep Owner's Bible serves as a technical guide, model review, and data source.
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