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Healthy Ponds Cold Water Refill for 3 in. Submersible Pond Cleaner

Stays out of sight and reduces excess nutrients to keep ponds clean and clear; reduces odors. 100% natural and biodegradable — safe for all living things. Each time–released packet contains all–natural beneficial bacteria and treats up to 2500 gallons of pond water for 30 days. U.S.A. 273150;pk. cold water (34–50°F) refill
Manufacturer: Healthy Ponds
SKU: 168787
Category: Outdoors

"Swisher Electric Angle for Power Broom, Model# 2915"

Powerful electric actuator used to angle power brooms Item#s 2500894 and 2500895 left to right.
Manufacturer: Swisher
SKU: 2500897
Category: Snow + Ice Removal

Porto-Power Ram — 5-Ton (Pull)

"Designed for use in all positions, this 5-ton ram has collar threads and base mounting holes for easy installation, High-strength alloy steel for durability, heavy-duty return springs and baked enamel finish for increased resistance. 5-ton (pull) capacity8950 PSI operating pressure5 1/2in. stroke11 7/8in. collapsed height17 3/8in. extended height"
Manufacturer: Porto-Power
SKU: 156821
Category: Automotive

Bird-X Shake-Away Urine Powder

"100% organic powder creates the impression that a fox is present. Small animals smell a predator and respect its territory. Scare off moles, groundhogs, mice, chipmunks, skunks, possums, woodchucks and more. U.S.A."
Manufacturer: Bird-X
SKU: 168367
Category: Grounds Maintenance

6ft. x 8ft. Mustard-Tan Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp

"Tarps are water, mildew and rot resistant! Protect many types of equipment outside and inside the ship, garage, warehouse and around the farm. Tough mustard-tan canvas weighs a full 10 ounces per square yard before treating. 16 ounces after treating. Single-stitched hem reduces cut size 6in. for each dimension. Double-stitched center seam. Rust-resistant grommets with reinforcing patches every 3 feet and at corners. U.S.A. Finish Size: 6ft. x 8ft.Fabric is industrial rated 100% canvas duck"
Manufacturer: Northern Tool and Equipment
SKU: 119502
Category: Tarps + Covers

Rubbermaid Utility Cart — 500 lbs.

"Lightweight, durable utility cart is made from structural foam that never rusts, dents, chips or peels. Rounded corners protect walls. Easily maneuverable with flat “steering” handle, 2 fixed and 2 swivel, non–marking, 5in. casters. Molded–in tool storage compartments and cup holderOverall capacity: 500 lbs; 40–lb. drawer capacity30in.L x 16in.W x 33in.HU.S.A."
Manufacturer: Rubbermaid
SKU: 250256
Category: Material Handling

Mr. BBQ Stainless Steel 4-in-1 Spatula with Rubber Grip

Commercial-grade stainless spatula has a finger/rubber grip and rosewood-stained hardwood handle. 5-year limited warranty.
Manufacturer: Northern Tool and Equipment
SKU: 92533
Category: Food Processing

"Irwin Reciprocating Saw Blade — 6in. Blade Size, 6 TPI, Wood Cutting"

"Blades feature bi–metal construction, precision set teeth and aggressive hook angle for super–fast cuts. U.S.A. 6in long6 teeth per inchFor use on wood"
Manufacturer: Irwin
SKU: 962187
Category: Power Tools

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