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Stopfill Replacement OPD Valve For 10lb. Bulk Cylinder

A perfect replacement for existing steel propane cylinders. Type 1 valve is equipped with an overflow protection device (OPD) required by law in many states. Inlet is 3/4in. NGT; outlet has both an external 1 5/16in. Acme Type 1 connection and an internal female POL connection. Dip tube length 3.6in.
Manufacturer: Stopfill
SKU: 339753
Category: Food Processing

SP Systems Air Hose Reel

"Rated up to 5000 PSI, this reel holds 150ft. of 3/8in. high pressure hose or 100ft. of 1/2in. high pressure hose. Heavy duty 16 gauge steel with hubs and flanges all welded for strength. Comes equipped with 6ft. of 3/8in. feed hose. Adjustable spring brake prevents backlash. Hose not included. Temperature range -20°F to 225°F."
Manufacturer: SP Systems
SKU: 1591518
Category: Air Tools

FREE SHIPPING - Marco 6.0 Cubic Ft. Abrasive Blasting Machine Package

"Package includes: Marco® 6.0 cu. ft. Blast Machine with remotes installedDurable powder-coated finishASME code pressure vessel4in. fill port for loading of abrasiveHeavy-duty handle for moving ease1 1/2 in. I.D. pusher lineLifting eyesMuffler - easy to clean out/repairDurable 16in. tires and rim setLarge footprint for stability50ft. of 1in. coupled blast hose#5 nozzleMB30 Media Blast Abrasive Blasting Respirator, waist length nylon cape and 50 ft. of breathing line2-outlet airline filterMoisture separator with fittingsU.S.A.Factory shipped"
Manufacturer: Marco
SKU: 155361
Category: Sandblasters

Flotec Vertical Pre-Charged Water System Tank — 82-Gallon Capacity

"Constructed of heavy-gauge steel with tough, appliance-like finish. Replaceable air/water separator prevents corrosion and bacterial growth — in compliance with FDA regulations. Tank is factory pre-charged to 40 PSI. Includes pump mounting bracket. The Rated Size in Gallons column below compares with equivalent size of standard tanks in terms of water drawn down between pump cycles. 5-year limited warranty. U.S.A. Size (Dia. x H) 20in. x 35in. Drawdown, Gallons@PSI: 20/40 PSI--12.7@20/40 PSI 30/50 PSI--10.7@30/50 PSI Discharge Size 1in."
Manufacturer: Flotec
SKU: 1082131
Category: Water Pumps

"Cutler-Hammer Automatic Transfer Switch — 3 Phase, 600 Amps, Model# SPC-600-CH3"

"Turn on your generator during power failure and keep appliances and lights working! Automatic transfer switch monitors incoming voltage from utility lines and immediately signals the generator when power is interrupted. Within seconds, your standby generator begins supplying electricity. Internal adjustment on this 3-phase switch allows voltage changeover by owner/installer to 120/208V, 120/240V, 277/480V or 347/600V. U.S.A. Three phase600 AmpsNEMA-3R ratedU.S.A.Model SPC-600-CH3"
Manufacturer: Cutler-Hammer
SKU: 162339
Category: Generators

Knot End Brush — 1in. Dia.

"For heavy duty cleaning and stripping. Available in fine and coarse wire sizes. Wire wheels and brushes are industrial quality; make fast work of removing rust and paint. Bench and hand tool applications. Diameter: 1in. Maximum RPM: 20,000 Wire Size: .014 Arbor: 1/4in. Shank"
Manufacturer: Northern Tool and Equipment
SKU: 152053
Category: Abrasives

Metal Roof Kit for Roof Razor

"Metal roof kit includes 4in. wheels for metal roofs, shake roofs and some tile roofs. 1-year limited warranty. U.S.A."
Manufacturer: RoofRazor
SKU: 150803
Category: Snow + Ice Removal

Clevis Has Heat-Treated Pin-Straight

"Totally forged for excellent grain structure without the built-in stress. Black powder-coated finish. Pins are yellow zinc dichromate plated. U.S.A. Straight Pin Size 3/4in. x 3/4in. Working Load 12,000 lbs."
Manufacturer: Northern Tool and Equipment
SKU: 318001
Category: Towing

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