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Herb Keeper

Store-bought herbs can be very expensive, yet they go brown in days if you don't use them up. So store them in our Herb Preserver instead. Fill the lower reservoir with water, then stand 1 to 3 bunches of fresh-picked herbs upright in the clear acrylic cylinder. They'll stay green up to 3 weeks! Great for asparagus, too! 9-1/2" High x 4-1/2" Diameter.
SKU: 1018254
Category: Food Storage Cannisters & Jars

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Omelet/Egg Poacher Pan

Two-compartment Hinged Omelet Pan lets you cook top and bottom just the way you like it, then fold up to combine. Non-stick finish guarantees flawless release and easy clean-ups. 3-cup insert lets you poach to perfection! Stay cool handles. Hand wash. 9 1/2" dia.
SKU: 1012763
Category: Cookware Skillets & Frying Pans

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Yogurt Maker

Homemade yogurt costs less and is healthier than store-bough, because you control the ingredients and the freshness. Try new flavors with this one- quart yogurt maker that includes built-in measuring spoon, "on" light, and "done" indicator. UL (R) listed. Recipes and easy instructions included. 9 1/2"H
SKU: 1018309

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Divided Oval Platter 12X8IN

Elegant oval serving dish is divided in two, letting you serve beans-and-carrots, broccoli-and-Hollandaise, tomatoes-and-cucumbers side-by-side. Ends endless passing of dishes and plates! Restaurant-quality white porcelain is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. 12"x8".
SKU: 1012493
Category: Tableware & Tablecloths Serving Pieces

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Disposal Brush

Sink Brush whisks clean drain and disposal! Removes odorous buildup before your kitchen smells unpleasant. Stiff polypropylene bristles provide deep down, thorough cleaning. 11" long; 4" diameter.
SKU: 1004177

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