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8-Spoke W-I-D-E Wheels

ALUMINUM AND STEEL WHEELS For air-cooled Volkswagen vehicles 4- and 5-lug wheels available Add the finishing touch to any restoration by replacing old, rusted or damaged wheels Center caps, lugs and studs included. When ordering wheels wider than 6", be sure to check Volkswagen for proper clearance. Shipped separately from factory. NOTE: SKU numbers ending in F are factory shipped and may take a little longer to reach you. Applications:1971-1972 Volkswagen 411,1973-1974 Volkswagen 412,1954-1979 Volkswagen Beetle - Air Cooled,1954-1979 Volkswagen Dune Buggy/Sand Rail,1962-1973 Volkswagen Fastback,1961-1974 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia,1962-1973 Volkswagen Squareback,1973-1975 Volkswagen Super Beetle,1973-1974 Volkswagen Thing,1954-1994 Volkswagen Bus,1954-1994 Volkswagen Transporter,1981-1992 Volkswagen Vanagon
SKU: 07ZX2255AF

5 Pc. Box End Ratchet Wrench Sets

5-PC. BOX-END RATCHET WRENCH SETS Ratchet mechanism built into each end Instant push-button reverse without removing wrench from your nut or bolt Professional quality�made to last! Fit effortlessly into spots too tight for ordinary socket and ratchet. Drop-forged, chrome-plated, heat-treated carbon steel riveted for maximum strength. Precision-machined box ends. Applications: All Makes All Models
Manufacturer: TrimBrite
SKU: 81ZX3814T

5-LED Tapered Bullet Marker Lights

5-LED TAPERED BULLET MARKER LIGHTS Elongated and tapered showroom chrome-plated die-cast metal housing Can be used as auxiliary turn signals, running lights or marker lights Housing is approximately 2-1/2"L x 1-1/4" diameter 5-LED light bank with a rounded impact-resistant plastic lens extends 3/8" beyond housing. Lights mount to fairing, travel trunk, saddlebag, fenders?anywhere you want some illumination. Pair includes 3 color-coded pigtail wires and 1/4"H pedestal mount with removable 10mm hollow mounting stud (wires can be hidden in stud). Drilling required. Sold in pairs. Applications: All Makes All Models, All Makes All Models
SKU: 01ZX5391X

13" Turned-Out Exhaust Tips or Mufflers

13" TURNED-OUT EXHAUST TIPS OR MUFFLERS Use turned-out exhaust tips on existing pipes or add mini muffler internally for a muffler Exhaust tips and internal mini mufflers sold separately Enhance the look and performance of your bike's exhaust pipes Applications: All Makes All Models
SKU: 02ZX3029U

110dB Cycle Horn

110dB CYCLE HORN Custom-styled 12-volt 110dB rated horn is extra loud Horn has black painted body and universal mounting bracket Dazzling chrome-plated slotted cover takes this horn out of the look-alike class! Injection-molded ABS plastic convex cover is approx. 3-1/2" diam.�durable, rustproof and chrome-plated to look great for years. Cover is removable for easy cleanups. Replaces or supplements existing horn�uses original horn button. Spade-type terminal connectors for fast, easy hookup. Applications: All Makes All Models, All Makes All Models, All Makes All Models
SKU: 06ZX3926X

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