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3-D Flames Billet Aluminum Accessories

3-D FLAMES BILLET ALUMINUM ACCESSORIES Precision cut and machined/milled from 100% pure aluminum billet "Hot" show-quality looks for your cool truck! Guaranteed quality�all Trenz� products are inspected to ensure a unique, defect-free finish! Applications:1999-2002 Chevrolet Silverado,1999-2002 Chevrolet Suburban,1999-2002 GMC Yukon (inc. XL),1999 GMC Suburban,1999-2002 GMC Sierra,1999-2002 Chevrolet Tahoe
SKU: 48ZX6695N

135-Psi Air Compressor With Storage Tank

135-PSI AIR COMPRESSOR WITH STORAGE TANK High-output. For 12-volt systems Delivers a steady air supply for all air horns Inflates tires, air mattresses, air shocks, etc. Kit includes 5-1/2" x 3-1/4" x 5-1/2" metal compressor (with valve to automatically shut off unit when tank is filled) and 7" x 5" diam. metal tank (with air gauge to monitor pressure). Compact components mount easily in engine compartment or trunk or storage compartment. Plus 25-ft. coiled hose with valve, tubing, brass fittings, mounting hardware, wiring with in-line fuse, instructions. Applications: All Makes All Models
Manufacturer: Arizona Exhaust
SKU: 15ZX7458W

3-Way Speaker System

HIGH-POWER 2- & 3-WAY SPEAKER SYSTEMS Big power-handling capacity means superior reproduction of all frequencies�at any volume Poly-coated woofer cones resist damage from heat, dust, moisture and sun Heavy-duty black anodized speaker baskets Provides throbbing bass, rich midtones and sparkling high frequencies�enriches any vehicle environment. 1" piezo tweeter (3-1/2" coaxial has 3/4" poly tweeters). 1-3/4" pole-mounted square poly midrange speaker. Ferrofluid-enhanced high-temperature aluminum voice coils. 4-Ohm impedance. Black wire mesh grille (except where noted), color-coded wire and hardware included. Sold in pairs. Click on item SKU# for additional information. Applications: All Makes All Models
Manufacturer: Grizzly
SKU: 03ZX7304W

5 Pc Box & Open-End Obstruction Wrench Sets

5-PC. BOX AND OPEN-END OBSTRUCTION WRENCH SETS Save 20% on Selected Item! Tough chrome-vanadium steel. Choose metric or SAE set. Quantity is limited. Not all styles, sizes or colors shown may be available. Applications: All Makes All Models
Manufacturer: Tire Rack
SKU: 74ZX9602N

300+Digital Multistrike CK Ignition Kit

300+ DIGITAL MULTISTRIKE CD IGNITION KIT Delivers the increased energy output necessary to unlock the hidden potential of high-performance engines with all types of modifications including super/turbocharger and nitrous oxide systems External coil conversion kit uses a state-of-the-art RISC micro-controller to provide high-speed processing, maximum energy output, unmatched efficiency and total coil saturation The most powerful and reliable ignition for street or strip?the lightest and most compact, too! Digital CD control unit provides several multistrike spark events of 525 volts and 135 MJ up to 3000 RPM. Easier starts and greater burn efficiency dramatically increase performance. Easy-to-adjust single-stage rev limiter for added over-rev protection?no need for extra chips. Complete with everything needed: 300+ digital CD control box, CD coil, harness, modified distributor cap, universal coil wire (one each of red, blue and yellow) and hardware/mounting parts kit. Applications:1996-1997 Acura CL 2.2 CL with TEC Dist. SOHC 16-volt (145 HP) VTEC 2.2L F22B1 2156cc,1998 Acura CL 2.3 CL SOHC 16-volt (150 HP) VTEC 2.2L F23A1 2254cc,1992-1998 Honda Prelude,1996-1997 Honda Civic Del Sol S with TEC Dist. SOHC 16-volt (115 HP) 1.6L D16Y7 1590cc,1994-1997 Honda Civic EX with TEC dist. SOHC 16-volt VTEC (145 HP) 2.2L F22B1 2156cc,1993-1995 Honda Civic Del Sol Si ALL,1999 Honda Civic Si with TEC dist. DOHC 16-volt VTEC 1.6L B16A2 1595cc,1996-1999 Honda Civic DX; LX with TEC dist. SOHC 16-volt (115 HP) 1.6L D16Y7 1590cc,1992-1995 Honda Civic SOHC 16-volt ALL,1998-1999 Honda Accord DX; LX; EX SOHC 16-volt ALL 2.3L ALL 2254cc,1994-1997 Honda Accord DX; LX; SE with TEC dist. SOHC 16-volt (130 HP) 2.2L F22B2 2156cc,1994-1998 Acura Integra LS; RS DOHC 16-volt (142 HP) 1.8L B18B1 1834cc,1992-1993 Acura Integra DOHC 16-volt (130 HP) 1.8L B18A1 1834cc
SKU: 48ZX3343N

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