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Professional-Grade Window Film

WINDOW FILM For all cars and trucks High-performance film is the product of the latest technology! Helps to reduce interior fade and damage to upholstery caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays Customizes vehicle and maximizes daytime privacy without impairing outward vision. Helps block glare from sun, snow and headlights to reduce eyestrain for safer, more comfortable driving. Dark smoke tint blocks approximately 65% of visible light, dark limo tint blocks approximately 80%. Can be easily trimmed to fit stationary windows. Not for use on windshield. Meets VESC-20 federal standards. Instructions included. Check local laws regarding window tinting and film before ordering. Applications: All Makes All Models, All Makes All Models
Manufacturer: Bel-Tronics
SKU: 47ZX3887B

Pig Snot Bike Care Products

BIKE CARE PRODUCTS The ultimate! Developed by chemists, bikers and auto experts to provide the best protection for your bike! Easy to use�anyone can do it! Safe for all clear coats�contains no cleaners (except where noted) Once you use Pig Snot�, you'll never use another wax/detailer again! Biker Wax is like a bulletproof shield for your bike! Spray Detailer removes fingerprints, dust, water spots and bird droppings without rewaxing. Soft, nonabrasive and lint-free Super Cloths are essential when you want the job done right. Applications: All Makes All Models, All Makes All Models
SKU: 48ZX9349W

Pilot High-Intensity LED Steering Wheel Covers

HIGH-INTENSITY LED STEERING WHEEL COVERS 8 bright LEDs around the circumference light up with the flip of a switch Battery operated�nothing to wire Choice of LED colors o black fabric or black carbon fiber weave Make your driving (especially at night) a really illuminating experience! Cover slips on easily�fits most steering wheels. Battery (included) attaches to steering column with hook/loop fasteners. Applications: All Makes All Models
SKU: 49ZX5582N

RV Propane Tank Covers

RV PROPANE TANK COVER Protects tank from weather, dirt and debris Water-repellent reinforced vinyl with soft, nonscratch backing Easy-open front for quick access to valves Twin tank cover slips on easily and features an elasticized hem for a snug fit. Cover also includes a board insert that slips into inside sleeves for additional stiffness. Single tank cover has hook/loop closure and no elastic hem. Easy to clean. Limited 3-year warranty. Applications: All Makes All Models
SKU: 48ZX2009T

Replacement Rocker Panels & Cab Floor Supports

REPLACEMENT ROCKER PANELS AND CAB FLOOR SUPPORTS Great for strengthening the critical cab area Replace original parts perfectly Die-formed steel is shaped like original, then painted with special primer to resist rust and allow easy painting. Weld-on or rivet-on installation (welder or rivet gun not included). Sizes are approximate. Applications:1973-1987 GMC Jimmy - Full Size,1973-1987 Chevrolet Blazer - Full Size
SKU: 12ZX8817N

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