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3.5oz 8 in 1 Pet Yogies for Hamsters, Gerbils & Rats

Your furry friend will love the taste of real yogurt while you'll love providing them with a healthy, natural treat. Available in multiple flavors and comes in a resealable container.
SKU: 35oz8in1yogf
Category: Small Pets

Dogs! A Fun & Care Book

A Doberman or a dachshund, what breed is right for me? This is just the first question a new dog owner asks. Dogs! helps answer that question and every other major question ahead?ofrom how to make a pup feel at home to pass Training 101. 112 pages.
SKU: dogfuncarboo
Category: Dogs

5/8'' Weaver Leather Deer Ridge Collar

Carefully crafted of rich sunset harness leather, Deer Ridge Collars are lined with soft, supple, but very strong saddle tan deerskin for the ultimate in canine comfort. Each collar is stitched with durable thread that coordinated perfectly with the saddle tan deerskin liner for a truly special look. Features non-rust solid brass buckle and brass plated dee and rivets.
SKU: 58weavleatde
Category: Dogs

Super Pet FerreTrail Playground Kit

FerreTrail Fun-nels can be connected to each other creating a colorful ?Peek-A-Boo? playground system of tubes, elbows and tees. The FerreTrail System was designed to provide many hours of stimulation and fun for pets through natural exercise. Fun-nels also provide pets with a unique network of hiding places and tunnels to explore. Playground Kit contains: 1 - Roll-About Ball1 - Bubble Wave Tee4 - Bubble Wave Elbows2 - Bubble Wave Tubes6 - Connectors
SKU: sp-62230
Category: Ferrets

1oz Super Pet Critter Nutri-Nibbles Hairball Care Treats

Nutri-Nibbles Hairball Care Treats are fortified pineapple-flavored nuggets with savory papaya centers, plus the bonus of all nautral bran and fiber to safely prevent and eliminate hairballs. For rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and hamsters.
SKU: sp-65304
Category: Small Pets

Canine Hardware Medium Hydro Bowl

Frequent water breaks are necessary for a dog's vitality, so always keep a Hydro Bowl handy when traveling to ensure a healthy and hydrated dog. The versatile Hydro Bowl is waterproof, durable and snaps closed into a compact triangle for easy storage. Snap is closed around a leash, backpack, bicycle or a variety of other places for easy transport. Holds 5 cups (1 liter) of water. Comes in assorted colors.
SKU: ch-04200
Category: Dogs

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