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White Holiday Pet Bandanna

Make your pet the best looking with these spiffy pet bandannas from Zan Headgear. Each features an easy velcro closure making them easy to put on or take off. Available in an assortment of brilliant colors and patterns. X-Small - 2 to 10 pounds Small - 11 to 25 pounds Medium - 26 to 50 pounds Large - 51 to 100 pounds
SKU: whhopetba
Category: Holiday

14oz Juvenile Iguana Monster Diet

Juvenile Iguana Monster Diet provides balanced nutrition for young, actively growing iguanas during the most critical of development periods. In the wild, slower growing animals are less likely to survive. Numerous studies indicate that iguanas fed a balanced diet are healthier and exhibit an increased growth rate. This extremely palatable formula stiumlates a voluntary feeding response. The optimum protein/fiber balance is proven to promote excellent health and significant growth. Provides 100% of daily nutrient requirements, supplemented with Vitamin D3 and a stabalized form of Vitamin C.
SKU: zb-03374
Category: Other Pets

1.75oz Vitakraft Corn Slims

Vitakraft's Corn Slims are formulated for provide extra nutrition while satisfying the small animals' natural gnawing instinct.
SKU: vk-20575
Category: Small Pets

What's Wrong With My Iguana?

Written for the Iguana owner, (beginner to advanced), by one of the leading authorities, Dr. John Rossi. This greatly needed book covers common medical problems and first aid for these spectacular creatures. Problems are presented in alphabetical order for quick reference, and illustrations make recognition of many problems easier than ever. An indispensable guide to identifying and correcting ''what's wrong with your Iguana''. Paperback, 88 pages.
SKU: whatwronwitm1
Category: Other Pets

Super Pet CritterTrail X

CritterTrail X is the eXtreme activity home for your small critters. Comes complete with a water bottle, food dish, Xtreme Spiral Slide, the glow-in-the-dark Xtreme Wheel and more. You add the food and be dding, CritterTrail X will add the eXtra fun. Kids love contact with critters and the eXciting ''Petting Zone'' makes it possible. The unique ''Petting Zone'' canbe opened, giving you E-Z access to your pet, and you can even detach your entire ''Petting Zone.'' After applying the specially designed ''Petting Zone'' cap, the eXported ''Petting Zone'' becomes a safe and secure spot for your pet to wait in while its cage is being cleaned. Compatible with all CritterTrail accessories and universally connects to Habitrail and S.A.M. Systems.
SKU: sp-60518
Category: Small Pets

Ferret Frenzy 2005 Calendar

Ferret Frenzy 2005 features a fabulous group of clever ferrets: a ferret pilot, concert pianist, submarine navigator, newlyweds, even a hula dancer. Ferret fans everywhere love Glenn Grainger's humorous photography. The stars of this best selling twelve-month calendar will keep you entertained throughout the year.
SKU: zp-20051
Category: Ferrets

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