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5'' White Molded Dingo Big Chew Bone

Premium molded rawhide bones?tougher to break apart. Great for rough chewers. Irresistible combination of real chicken breast jerky wrapped in the highest quality rawhide. Helps promote healthy teeth by preventing tartar build-up. Recommended for dogs 15+ pounds.
SKU: db-98023
Category: Dogs

9'' x 12'' ''Prairie Dog Crossing'' Sign

This 9'' x 12'' metal sign will let visitors know to watch out for prairie dogs who may be running underfoot! An absolute must for any prairie dog owner.
SKU: by-00478
Category: Small Pets

20lb Iams Less Active/Weight Control FormulaEast Coast Pricing

Iams Less Active? For Cats is a nutritionally complete diet for overweight cats or cats with a low activity level. It provides reduced fat and calories for weight maintenance or proper weight loss. While other cat foods contain excess fiber to reduce calories, Iams Less Active? uses nutrient-rich carbohydrates to replace 45% of the fat.* With just the right amount of fiber, Iams is highly digestible, resulting in less litter box waste and odor. Every kibble of Iams Less Active? starts with wholesome, nutrient-rich chicken to nourish muscles, body systems, skin, and coat. This quality protein is highly digestible. So your cat gets all of the essential amino acids needed to stay healthy while losing weight. *As compared to Iams Original Formula Cat Food Recommended for: Weight management, Inactive adults
SKU: 20iamlesacco4
Category: Cats

Body Cooler L Pet Wrap Cooler

Body Cooler products are specially designed to safely keep your pets cool when heat is a problem. Once the wrap is activated, by soaking it in cool water, the safe, non-toxic crystals inside the bed absorb 400 times their weight in water. Simple airflow creates the cooling effect that will keep your pet from overheating - and your pet never gets wet! Can be used over and over again, and reactivates in less than a half-hour. Large size fits pets with a 26'' length, 27'' neck and 37'' girth.
SKU: ae-10009
Category: Dogs

8oz Vital Nutrition Hip & Joint Formula

Vital Nutrition Hip & Joint Formula is designed to help reduce inflammation and increase hip and joint mobility. This formula contains the highest level of essential ingredients necessary for the synthesis of fluids and cartilage, including collagen, hyaluronic acid and various chains of glycosaminoglycans. This product can be safely used long term to help maintain healthy joints.
SKU: 8ozvitnuthip
Category: Dogs

Super Pet Rik-E-Tik-E Treat Toy

Designed just for ferrets, Rik-E Tik-E will make your ferret feel like its mongoose cousin stalking a dangerous snake! Rik-E Tik-E is a stretchy, plush toy that is tough enough for ferrets to pounce on. The toy features a secret pocket that holds your ferret's favorite treat, plus it has a built-in squeaker that you can squeak to let your friend know it's treat is coming. Rik-E Tik-E is a washable plush toy, but be sure to replace the toy if it becomes torn.
SKU: suppetpetint1
Category: Ferrets

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