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15lb Eukanuba Adult Reduced Fat Large Breed FormulaEast Coast Pricing

Eukanuba? Adult Reduced Fat Large Breed Formula is formulated with less fat and fewer calories than our regular large breed adult formula, but without sacrificing the special nutritional needs of large breed dogs. Eukanuba? Adult Reduced Fat Large Breed Formula provides appropriate levels of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to help large breed dogs maintain muscle mass, with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, the building blocks needed to help build healthy cartilage and strong joints. It also contains L-carnitine, which helps overweight dogs to burn fat and maintain weight at an acceptable level. Plus, this formula, like all Eukanuba? Dog Foods, provides fiber at appropriate levels for a healthy digestive system and lower stool volume. Eukanuba? Adult Reduced Fat Large Breed Formula is made with real chicken as a primary ingredient, so your dog will like the taste?even without all the fat. Should Your Dog Be Fed Reduced Fat Large Breed Formula? If your large breed dog?s activity level is reduced to a daily walk or less?or if your dog has been spayed or neutered?you may want to begin feeding Eukanuba? Adult Reduced Fat Large Breed Formula. It?s specially formulated for large breed dogs whose weight is more than recommended, or those that have a lower activity level. Recommended for: Large breed adult dogs that are overweight or have lower activity levels
SKU: 15eukadredfa2
Category: Dogs

Penn Plax Jelly Pull w/Handle

Get ready for some serious tugging action with this multi-purpose dog toy. Not only does it have a rope tug, but it features a jelly chew that massages teeth and gums while you hold on to the handle controlling the fun. Measures 11'' long.
SKU: pn-76033
Category: Dogs

7lb Marshall Premium Ferret Diet

The ferret is a carnivore. Your ferret's digestive tract is relatively short, and ferret food only has approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours to be digested. It is because of this basic nutritional fact that the Marshall diet is ideal for the ferret from birth throughout life. Carnivores need to eat meat. Marshall Premium Ferret Diet is made with FRESH MEAT protein. No other ferret diet uses more fresh meat, and no other diet is formulated with a unique LOW HEAT process. Because of the fresh, high quality meat and the low heat processing, all of the essential amino acids are maintained, as well as all of the essential fatty acids. Given the short amount of time the food has in a ferrets digestive tract, the protein, carbohydrate and fat have to be readily available in usable form. Fresh meat, low heat, slow processing allows all the protein, carbohydrate and fat to present itself in usable form for the ferret to digest easily and get more out of.
SKU: fd-015
Category: Ferrets

1.76oz Vitakraft Vita Terra Special

Vita Terra Special Reptile Diet is rich in fiber and roughage. Fortified with vitamins and minerals including phosphorous and calcium. For herbivorous reptiles including land turtles, Uromastyx, and green iguanas. Includes nettles, dandelions, spinach, carrots, raisins, juniper berries, mountain ash berries, elderberries, apples, peanuts and honey.
SKU: 176ozvitvitt
Category: Other Pets

Martin's 24 x 14 x 18 Ferret Cottage

24'' x 14'' x 18'' Two levels Drop-in 3?'' plastic pan One ramp One carpeted balcony Also makes an excellent travel cage for ferret shows or weekend trips Picture shown with PVC-coated wire
SKU: mc-f400
Category: Ferrets

4.25oz Tomlyn Nutri-Cal for Dogs & Cats

Tomlyn Nutri-Cal is the industry standard high calorie dietary energizer for dogs and cats who won't eat. Easy to dispense and great tasting formula keeps pets coming back for more.
SKU: 425oztomnutf
Category: Cats

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