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Kong Ferret Treasure

Finally, a safe, fun ferret toy! The Ferret Treasure is made of Kong's exclusive natural red rubber. It is nontoxic, puncture resistant, super bouncy, chewer friendly, and made in the USA. Kong Ferret Treasure can be used to strengthen the bond between you and your ferret, and as a reward for good behavior. It's sure to be a treasure with your ferret friends.
SKU: ko-111
Category: Ferrets

Penn Plax Velvet Basketball Squeaker Toy

Make any three-point shot better with one of these velvet basketballs. Well, you can't use them for a game of hoops, but you can use them for a fun game of fetch with your dog. Each ball measures 4'' round and is made of plush velvet fabric.
SKU: peplvebasqto
Category: Dogs

PetSafe Deluxe Radio Fence

The Deluxe Radio fence keeps your pet in your yard! A radio signal is sent by the transmitter to a receiver located on your dog's collar. The signal is transmitted through a wire which is placed along the boundaries you want to establish. The wire is really an antenna that carries the signal. The receiver, attached to your dog's collar, provides a warning beep when he approaches the wire. If he starts to cross the wire, he receives a mild correction. Although harmless, this will discourage him from continuing further. Features include: 5 levels of correctionLow battery indicatorProgressive correctionBeep only mode for trainingTransmits up to 25 acresBreak alarm warns when loop wire has been brokenExtra surge protection for storm-prone areas Kit includes: Deluxe transmitter with AC adapterUltraLight receiver with adjustable collar, fits necks 6'' - 28''Correction level key50 boundary flags500 feet of wireOperations manual and Training VideoBatteries
SKU: delradfen
Category: Dogs

Kyjen Plush Puppies Scrungee Bungee Toy

Scrungee Bungees bounce-back action provides fun and entertainment for your dog. The unique accordian body design adds to the character's appeal while providing additional strength and durability.
SKU: kj-01431
Category: Dogs

Training Your Pet Rat

Pet owners and animal hobbyists are discovering rats as fascinating and intelligent creatures that can be bred selectively and kept as pets. This book advises on virtually all aspects of caging, feeding, rat management, and training. Although ''rat homes'' are commercially available, the authors' detailed discussion of caging includes many do-it-yourself ideas on ways to improve on the manufactured versions and convert rat enclosures into structures that better meet hobbyists' needs. There is also advice on rat trainability, and specific instructions for the training of these animals. Approximately 80 full-color photos.
SKU: trainyourpet
Category: Small Pets

30'' x 39'' Canine Hardware Travel Bed

The Travel Bed is the ''On The Go Throw'' for small to large dogs. Fully machine washable, the Travel Bed is made of double offset quilted construction with poly suede on the top and rip stop on the bottom for comfort and durability. The bed easily stuffs into the included portable sack making it the perfect bed for the traveling dog. It's plush look and feel will also look great in your home as well. Measures 30'' x 39'' and comes in assorted colors.
SKU: ch-10400
Category: Dogs

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