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KidCo Gate Kit

The beauty of today's homes is the diversity of designs and materials used for stairways, room openings and doorways. The installation of child safety gates can be difficult since a ''one size fits all'' gate does not exist. KidCo has assembled the materials and fasteners necessary to properly install any child safety gate to wood banisters, hollow wall, or wrought iron. One kit is required for each gate side that is not being mounted into a solid vertical wood surface. Only the most basic tools are needed to assemble any good child safety gate.
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Category: Cats

20lb Superior Choice Natural Ferret Diet

From the makers of Superior Choice Original, comes the freshest, healthiest food you can feed your ferret. Superior Choice Natural is the only ferret diet with ingredients taken straight from nature's four basic food groups. This is the first ferret diet to combine real chicken, vegetables, fresh fruit and natural anti-oxidants to create a wholesome food you'll feel good about. Ingredients include real, human grade chicken free from chemicals or preservatives such as BHA or BHT, steamed potatoes rich in Vitamin B and C, USDA approved fresh eggs, fresh picked apples for fiber, carrots and garlic to act as a natural anti-oxidant and probiotics - nature's own defense against disease and sickness. Like Superior Choice Original, our natural formula was scientifically formulated by a leading animal nutritionist to provide your ferret with a diet that is balanced and nutritionally complete. Superior Choice Natural contains absolutely NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
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Category: Ferrets

Extra Large Cool Kong

This totally cool, floating retriever is great for use in the field and in the water. Made from natural rubber, the toy floats for retriever training in the water. Large size measures 5'' in length, rope adds additional length.
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Category: Dogs

Planet Dog Medium Orbee Bone

For the medium size dog who wants some extra tough things to chew on, the Orbee Bone is here! Made from a super-secret special material, Orbee Bones are durable, buoyant and best of all... bouncy! Measures 6 1/2'' long.
SKU: pd-00609
Category: Dogs

Happy Dog Toys Pup Culture ''Canine Caffiend'' Toy

It may take you two or three cups to get going in the morning, but I bet your dog is always ready for play! While you're having your morning java, give your pooch his very own. Well not exactly, but this canvas replica of a coffee cup will keep him entertained while you sip away. Plus the squeaker inside adds extra fun. Measures 6'' x 4.5''.
SKU: hd-93518
Category: Dogs

Planet Dog Small Orbee Ball

Many call it the absolute best dog toy on the market. What is it? It's the super tough Orbee Ball! Not only is it durable, but it's bouncy and byouant so trips to the lake are extra fun. Made from a super-secret and super-strong material, the Orbee Ball will stand up to the roughest of play. Measures 2 1/4'' in diameter.
SKU: pd-00343
Category: Dogs

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