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Vista Pet Dog Nail Clipper

The Vista Dog Nail Clipper has sure grip handles and a stainless steel blade and features a removable safety stop that keeps your pet's nail at a safe cutting length.
SKU: visdognailcl
Category: Dogs

Marshall Ferret Super Ferret Cube

The comfortable, designer fleece Super Cube is a perfect addition to your ferret's cage. Features a hole on the top and each side so your ferrets can come and go as they please. Measures 10'' x 10'' x 9'' and features a fleece floor for added comfort. Easily attaches to any wire cage.
SKU: marpetprodfe
Category: Ferrets

Canine Hardware Small Hyrdo Bowl

Frequent water breaks are necessary for a dog's vitality, so always keep a Hydro Bowl handy when traveling to ensure a healthy and hydrated dog. The versatile Hydro Bowl is waterproof, durable and snaps closed into a compact triangle for easy storage. Snap is closed around a leash, backpack, bicycle or a variety of other places for easy transport. Holds 2 cups of water. Comes in assorted colors.
SKU: ch-04100
Category: Dogs

1.5oz VItakraft Salt Lick Stone

Vitakraft Salt Lick Stones are a dietary supplement to help avoid mineral and trace element deficiencies. Abnormal growth of teeth will occur if they are not worn down by constant gnawing. With Vitakraft Salt Lick Stone teeth will get the natural wear they need to remain sharp and at the right length.
SKU: vitpetprodsa
Category: Small Pets

8oz Pleasant Valley Aroma Therapy Summer Garden Air Freshener

Bring the freshness of a summer garden indoors. Use Pleasant Valley Summer Garden Scent all around the home. Its light, clean floral fragrance provides a mood lifting aromatherapy effect. It is lovely for scenting closets and drawers.
SKU: pleasvalarth4
Category: Ferrets

MIDWEST Homes for Pets Galvanized Exercise Pen

It's time to give your pet the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy! The Galvanized Series is made of rust resistant galvanized wire. This Pen can be used for a variety of pets. Size: 24 W x 36 H 8 panels with door Mesh: 1 1/2 x 6'' Folds flat for convenient storage (28lbs) Easy to set-up (no tools required)
SKU: midhomforpet17
Category: Dogs

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