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Millers Forge Pet Nail Clipper

Millers Forge originated this nail clipper with a safety bar over 40 years ago. Made of the highest quality U.S. steel, specially hardened and finished by skilled New England craftsmen it is the choice of vets and groomers who insist on the finest. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.
SKU: mf-743c
Category: Dogs

Rinse Ace Pet Shower Deluxe For Pet Bathing

Bring professional pet bathing into your home with the Pet Shower Deluxe. Features one-time installation on standard 1/2'' shower heads. Once it's installed, you plug in the 8 foot hose only when needed. Special water saving head only sprays water when the lever is pressed. Also works great for rinsing shower, tub and tile, bathing children, watering plants and rinsing legs while shaving.
SKU: rinacshowdel
Category: Small Pets Cat Pocket Pet

The hottest new pet is here - exclusively at! Pocket Pets are the pet you carry with you in your pocket. Each Pocket Pet starts out as liquid glass and is molded into a thick, unbreakable rock that features a handcarved image of a pet. Carry them around in your pocket as a constant reminder of your pet. Makes an excellent gift, and these Pocket Pets don't need food or water! Collect them all.
SKU: catpocketpet
Category: Ferrets

Fido Fleece Dog Coat

Fido Fleece designed and perfected the collar-to-tail back Velcro closure that transformed the pet apparel industry. They paired this innovative design with top-quality fleece, because that's what people choose to wear when the weather gets blustery. This durable, fashion-forward coat keeps a dog's vulnerable underside protected, while the custom fabrics and pattern designs make sure that every dog wearing Fido Fleece is stylin'! Don't settle for an imitation - there's only one Fido Fleece dog coat! Measuring Guide: For an exact fit, measure your dog from the base of the collar to the spot where the tail joins the body. Your dog should be standing square, not sitting or slouching. That measurement becomes the coat size for your dog. If you get an odd number for a measurement, we suggest that you round up to the next even numbered size if your dog is big boned or a little thick and round down to the next even numbered size if your dog is slimmer. Most dogs can be fit using this sizing method.
SKU: pm-20020-1
Category: Dogs

''Ferrets: A Complete Owners Manual''

Ferrets, A Complete Pet Owner's Manual published by Barron's. ''Everything About Housing, Care, Nutrition, Breeding and Health Care, including a Special Chapter, Understanding Your Ferret, filled with Full-color photographs.'' Authored by Path Valley Farm's own E. Lynn ''Fox'' Morton, see their food at: Path Valley Chicken and Rice Ferret Formula. This book is for both novice and experienced ferret owners. ''Fox'' Morton has co-authored several ferret articles in conjunction with the National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. and is a recognized expert on ferrets. Softcover, 95 pages.
SKU: fb-021
Category: Ferrets

Kyjen Outward Hound Treat 'N Ball Bag

This convenient bag is ideal for holding a ball, treats and other items used in play and training. Keeps your hands free and keeps treats and balls out of your pet's view. Secure drawstring closure traps smells inside bag and keeps treats fresh when not in use. Has a durable clip that attached to your belt loop or clothing. Assorted solid colors.
SKU: kj-00578
Category: Dogs

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