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Super Pet Little Crab Care Pack

Now you can turn any hermit crab home into a fun day at the beach! The Little Crab Care Pack gives you all the equipment you need to keep a healthy, happy hermit crabs. The Care Pack includes a Palm Tree for climbing, Sponge for drinking, a Shell Dish for food and a Misting Bottle for spraying water. You can make your hermit crab feel like its right at home with our Little Crab Care Pack!
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Category: Other Pets

6'' Ventlock Tailgate Lock

The Ventlock Tailgate Lock allows more ventilation into your car than just leaving windows open. It works by fixing the rear door or tailgate in a semi-open position and combined with a front window open just an inch or two, it allows free flowing air just where the dogs need it most - on their nose at the back of the vehicle. Why do I need a Ventlock? Every summer all around the world there are incidents involving dogs which are either stolen or die from heat exhaustion. It is usually as a result of having been left in a car by owners who don't take the proper precautions to see that their Pets are both secure and have good ventilation. Of course there are times when it is convenient to leave your dog in the car. Going to shows or Competitions are a couple of examples. Even a visit to the supermarket or motorway services for just 20 minutes needs careful thought. During the summer months the inside of a car can get very hot in a short period of time. The temperature can rise from a comfortable 20 degrees to a Killer 40 degrees in a matter of minutes. Another major advantage is that with the Ventlock secured between car and tailgate all but the most determined thief will be kept out. It takes only a few seconds to fit or remove and the car can be locked in the normal way using either the key or central locking. Best of all it fits 99% of Hatchbacks, Vans or 4 Wheel Drive vehicles fitted with a rear door. The Ventlock is suitable for use on models by the following manufacturers: AUDI ACURA BUICK BMW CADILLAC CHRYSLER CHEVROLET CITROEN DAEWOO DIAHATSU DODGE FIAT FORD GMC HONDA HYUNDAI INFINITI ISUZU JEEP KIA LADA LANCIA LAND ROVER LEXUS LINCOLN MAZDA MERCEDES MERCURY MITSUBISHI NISSAN* OLDSMOBILE OPEL PEUGEOT PLYMOUTH PONTIAC PROTON ROVER SAAB SATURN SEAT SKODA SSANGYONG SUBARU SUZUKI TALBOT TOYOTA VAUXHAUL VOLKSWAGEN VOLVO YUGO What size Ventlock should I buy? If the Ventlock fits your vehicle then all the sizes are available to you. There are no special sizes for different cars. If one fits, they will all fit. The choice is simply how big a gap would you like for your dogs. Ask yourself one or two basic questions and I'm sure you will come to the right decision very quickly. 1. Are your dogs in a secure cage? If they are you can have as big a gap with as much ventilation as you like. 2. If your dogs are not in a secure cage, then you would need to choose a Ventlock that does not let your dog get out through the gap. A very simple test is to put your dogs in the car and then open the tailgate to create the gap you are happy with and then measure that gap and order accordingly... It really is as simple as that. How do I fit the ventlock and how long does it take? It takes the average person around 10 SECONDS to fit or remove a ventlock. No Tools are required and here is how to do it. Unwind the threaded hook a few turns and place it over the post or through the catch inside the car. Ge
SKU: vl-10006
Category: Dogs

Super Pet Play Park Playhouse

The Play Park Playhouse is the headquarters of fun for your little critter. Play Park Playhouse includes three different sized Playhouses for your pet! Play Park is the one and only expandable, connectable playground for hamsters, gerbils, or mice. All three Play Park Playhouses feature our unique snap-on universal cage clips that let you connect them to any wire home, creating fun living space from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. Expandable Ladders, Bridges and Wave Walks connect directly to each Play Park Playhouse giving your pet a fun and safe way to climb into its playhouse of fun. For Hamsters, Mice & Gerbils.
SKU: suppetplaypa
Category: Small Pets

Vista Pet Cat/Bird Claw Clippers

Keep your ferret, cat or bird's nails trim by using these Vista Clippers. Each feature a sure grip handle and stainless blade.
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Category: Cats

Personalized Horizontal Picture Frame

Display your special memories and once in a lifetime occasions in a beautiful, fully personalized photo frame. Great for a new baby, kids, pets, holidays and any special occasion. It makes the perfect keepsake and a great one of a kind gift. Each frame is made from a beautiful hardwood and permanently laser engraved with any personalized information you want. You select the text, typestyle and photo orientation. You can even select a graphic if you wish. Each frame holds a 4 x 6 photo and ships directly from the manufacturer in 3 to 5 business days. Rush and express delivery is not available on this item. Since these items are personalized, they are non-returnable. Click Here For The Font Selector
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Category: Ferrets

Medi+Pet Deluxe First Aid Kit

The best friend your pet will ever have is you. With your Medi+Pet First Aid Kit you can make your pet's life a little safer. Over 40 veterinarian recommended items are contained in this kit including: ScissorsFirst Aid LotionGauze PadsAlcohol Prep PadsCold PackVet WrapIodine OintmentMagnifying GlassGlovesEye WashEmergency BlanketIodine Prep SolutionTweezersGauze RollTriple Antibiotic Ointment Packaged in a water proof canvas carrying case and includes an informative first aid booklet.
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Category: Cats

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