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6.5'' Super Pet Silent Spinner

The Silent Spinner is the one and only totally silent small animal exercise system designed to be very versatile and perform in any pet's home. The ball bearing technology eliminates noise while the solid plastic running surface is safe for pet's feet. Can be used on the floor or attached to any wire cage. Wheel measures 6.5'' round and is the perfect size for hamsters, gerbils and other furry friends.
SKU: sp-61414
Category: Small Pets

3.25oz ZuPreem Small Bird Natural Crunch Treats

ZuPreem Small Bird Crunch is nutritionally formulated to complement your bird's diet. These treats provide a fun and healthy way to interact with your bird or to help reduce boredom. For Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds, small Conures and other small hookbills.
SKU: 325ozzupsmal2
Category: Birds

Sherpa Jazzy Madison Avenue Mini Pet Carrier

The Jazzy Madison Avenue Pet Carrier represents a cross section between New York style and Park Avenue chic. Choose either the classic Black Faux Alligator shell or the ultra-hip Lemon Line Faux Alligator shell for the ultimate in style. Features a machine washable faux lambskin liner, mesh panels for ventilation, and top and side entry doors. Measures 14'' x 8.5'' x 8'' and fits easily under the cabin seat for air travel. Recommended for pets up to 5lbs and 12'' long x 7'' high.
SKU: sh-96101
Category: Cats

Super Pet CritterTrail Water Bottle

The CritterTrail Water Bottle has been specifically designed for CritterTrail homes. The Water Bottle has a removable metal chew resistant tip that can be removed for filling the water bottle with cool water. Remember never to squeeze your water bottle when trying to empty out any remaining water. Gently tap the water out because squeezing can cause the bottle to crack and leak. You can also add a second CritterTrail Water Bottle to your pet's home if you need to close an opened accessory hole on the CritterTrail roof top. Measures 7.25''L x 2.25''W.
SKU: sp-60595
Category: Small Pets

JW Pet Leap Frog Bird Toy

The parakeet, along with other small parrots, require stimulation and exercise for their well-being. In its natural habitat the bird's keen mind, extraordinary sensitivity to the environment and physical prowess are all utilized in daily activities. These toys are designed to stimulate the parrot's mind as well as its motor skills and to keep your parrot vigorous and healthy. For parakeets, cockatiels and similar size birds.
SKU: jw-31006
Category: Birds

JW Pet Spider Roll

Made from tough, 100% natural rubber, the Spider Roll is a unique tug/fetch toy that has a web like design that will withstand the roughest of tuggers. Measures 6'' in diameter.
SKU: jw-43155
Category: Dogs

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