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3oz F. M. Brown's Sunny Citrus Fruit Bites Treats

Fruit Bites are a zesty, soft and chewy snack treat bursting with flavors your pet will crave. You can feed them as a snack or reward, as well as mix them with their daily food for a very special meal. Features the great taste of orange and lemon. For all birds and small animals - from ferrets to parrots!
SKU: fm-51240
Category: Ferrets

Gimborn Pet Krunchies Rabbit Gnaw Bone

Since rabbit's teeth are always growing, they need to chew on things to keep them from becoming overgrown. These Gnaw Bones are USDA inspected bones sized just right for rabbits and small animals.
SKU: gimkrunrabgn
Category: Small Pets

MIDWEST Homes for Pets Bay Isle Collection Pet Hide-A-Way

The MIDWEST Pet Hide-A-Way is an attractive, accessory that can be used in two different ways! Cat owners can now provide their pet with a private, covered litter box area by simply inserting a litter pan in the Hide-A-Away. Or, it can be used as a place of solace where your pet can crawl inside, take a nap and feel safe and secure inside their own little home. It features a natural rattan weave over a sturdy wire frame to attractively blend with any decor. The rattan is made from a durable resin that also makes it odor free. The front access door opens from the top down for easy access to what you put inside. The woven rattan makes these crates pieces of artwork! The Hide-A-Way isn't a crate, and isn't intended for for puppies in the chewing stage or chronic chewers. Measures 23 1/4'' x 17 1/4'' x 19 3/4''
SKU: mw-1805
Category: Cats

Super Pet Bounce Back Toys

Bounce Back is the tantalizing, treat dispensing toy combination that small pets can't resist! This interactive toy can be filled with your pet's favorite treats. Ferrets can pounce and push over this toy, but it always bounces back. The secret feature to the toy?s success is the savory snack stuffed inside. The more your pet plays, the more treats it can receive! Bounce Backs have a little brass bell inside the toy so you can hear your pet having fun, plus your pet can even learn to ring the bell when it wants more food.
SKU: suppetpetinb1
Category: Small Pets

Blue Paisley Pet Bandanna

Make your pet the best looking with these spiffy pet bandannas from Zan Headgear. Each features an easy velcro closure making them easy to put on or take off. Available in an assortment of brilliant colors and patterns. X-Small - 2 to 10 pounds Small - 11 to 25 pounds Medium - 26 to 50 pounds Large - 51 to 100 pounds
SKU: blupaispetba
Category: Cats

2lb F.M. Brown's Nutrition Plus Pet Mouse & Rat Diet

Nutrition Plus Premium Lab Blocks are formulated as a complete and balanced diet specifically for pet mice and rats. Feed free-choice as a sole diet because additional supplements are not required. The blocks prevent food waste and are highly fortified with Vitamins A, D and E for both species in early life stage. The hard blocks create a chewing action designed to keep teeth trimmed and clean.
SKU: fm-44407
Category: Small Pets

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