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Why waste valuable corner space in your ferret's home? Our Corner Snuggler turns wasted space into a comfortable living and sleeping area your ferrets will find warm and inviting. Designed for larger cages, our Corner Snuggler fits conveniently into corners and attaches to the cage with sturdy clips. The unique tunnel design features a soft designer fleece liner your ferrets will love to curl up inside of. Not only does it make a great place to sleep, but for ferrets who tend to use corners for ''things'' other than sleeping, it makes a nice deterrent!
SKU: tfs-564
Category: Ferrets

50/pk Pet-Temp Lens Covers for PT-200

The replaceable lens cover on the Pet-Temp thermometer keeps things sanitary. Each package contains 50 covers.
SKU: 50petlencov
Category: Small Pets

3lb Sunseed Vita Ferret Diet

Sunseed Vita Ferret has been scientifically formulated to be an essential part of a complete balanced diet. Using only the finest quality ingredients and fortified with vitamins and minerals, this special formulation conforms to the high standards of Sun Seed.
SKU: sunvitferdie1
Category: Ferrets

2/pk 8 in 1 Pet Hamster & Gerbil Nut & Veggie Honeybar

Vitamin enriched seeds combined with nuts, vegetables and honey.
SKU: e-333
Category: Small Pets

Large Unconditional Love Picture Frame

Show everyone your unconditional love for your pet with this handsome frame. Overall measurements are 6 1/2'' x 5'' and fits a photo 4 1/2'' x 3''.
SKU: milforunlovp
Category: Holiday

9'' Plush ''KOSHER'' Dog Bone

Give your dog a real ''Kosher'' bone with this 9'' plush toy, that makes a great gift for the holidays. While it's not actually Kosher, it is great fun for your pooch.
SKU: so-cj903
Category: Dogs

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