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Canine Friendly Large 3 In 1 Vest Harness

The 3-In-1 VestHarness is a car restraint, non-choking harness, and chest protector in one easy-to-use device. It connects to seat belts, making vehicle safety convenient. The VestHarness uses shoulder pads to restrain dogs while walking for a healthy way to help stop pulling. It also protects field dogs from scrapes to the chest. Large size fits pets 45 - 65 pounds.
SKU: rc-13004
Category: Dogs

Super Pet Comf-E-Cube

Give your pet a soft and comfortable hiding place of his very own. The Comf-E-Cube is the perfect napping and resting hide-away for ferrets and other critters. Its fleece-lined floor is perfect for snuggling and it's padded on every side for cushiony comfort. It's easy to install; just clip it to the top of your pet's cage. Super Sleepers provide the perfect place to play or sleep and are machine washable. Measures 10''L x 10''W x 10''H. For Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Pet Rats, Chinchillas.
SKU: sp-62264
Category: Ferrets

6oz Charlee Bear All Natural Dog Treats

Charlee Bear Treats are convenient and tasty rewards, great for training or just for fun. These unique little dog treats are very popular and great for training. The flavorful and nutritious treats contain only 3 calories each, compared to a typical medium-sized dog biscuit with about 35 calories and a large one with over 100. Charlee Bear Dog Treats rely on great flavor - not fats - for taste appeal. The treats are all natural, which means no preservatives, no artificial color, and no sugar. Dry, compact discs, Charlee Bear Treats are easy for humans to use and can be carried in pockets without smells, crumbs, or greasy stains. The treats are Pocket Perfect!
SKU: cb-96260
Category: Dogs

3.5oz Vitakraft Happy Harden for Guinea Pigs

Happy Garden for Guinea Pigs is a delicious vegetable mix for guinea pigs with the best ingredients nature has to offer such as an aromatic blend of red beets, peas and indian corn.
SKU: 35ozvithapha
Category: Small Pets

Super Pet Ferret Corner Litter Scoop

The Ferret Corner Litter Scoop is specially designed to complement Super Pet Critter Litter and the complete line of Super Pet Litter Pans, but also works well with other litters as well. The unique corner design gets into places other litter scoops can't. Stain and odor resistant.
SKU: sp-62152
Category: Ferrets

General Care and Maintenance of Popular Tortoises

Tortoises are among the most endangered families of reptiles, and owning one should be considered a privilege. This book covers care and husbandry of the most popular and commonly imported tortoises. Selection, sexing, acclimation, housing design and landscaping, feeding and watering, hibernation, species, diseases and disorders, salmonella and hygiene and more. Black-and-white photographs. Paperback, 55 pages.
SKU: gencarandmai2
Category: Other Pets

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