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Super Pet Hippo Jungle Bungalow

Jungle Bungalows are unique hide-out for hamsters, mice, gerbils and other furry friends. Features a ''Big Mouth'' opening for safe and easy access for your pet and a totally safe, non-toxic plastic construction. Sized to fit inside any small animal's home, these colorful critters will quickly become your pet's favorite resting spot.
SKU: sp-61572
Category: Small Pets

5lb 8 in 1 Pet Ultra Blend Gourmet Parrot Food

Every day will feel like harvest day for your bird with this cornucopia of grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, veggies and pellets. Can be fed as either a daily diet or as a supplemental nutritious treat for variety in your pet's diet.
SKU: 5lb8in1ulble1
Category: Birds

10 Liter Care Fresh Bedding

Carefresh is made from reclaimed wood pulp waste. Contains no pine or cedar which has beel linked to pet health problems. Made from natural, biodegradable fiber which has superior odor control, absorbency and is safe and environmentally friendly.
SKU: cf-021
Category: Small Pets

4 - 5'' Wowsers Cinnamon & Granola Filled Bone

Treat your dog to the goodness of this natural sterilized beef bone filled with tasty granola oats plus cinnamon.
SKU: gp-06514
Category: Dogs

Marshall Ferret Mansion

The Ferret Mansion is the ultimate home for all your ferrets. Measuring 37'' x 24.25'' x 56'', the Mansion easily houses up to six ferrets. Features a lockable slide-out pan for safety and easy cleaning, swivel casters for mobility, two doors, three adjustable ramps and balconies. The electric blue coated wire makes an elegant addition to any decor. Due to how the shelves are laid out in this cage, it is possible for your ferrets to fall from top to bottom. We always suggest laying out your cage with added hammocks in the center to act as flooring. You may want to consider adding a large sized hammock . ACCESSORIES SHOWN ARE NOT INCLUDED.
SKU: mafema
Category: Ferrets

4oz Kookamunga for Cats Catnip Spray

Safe and nontoxic, Kookamunga catnip uses all natural catnip extract to produce an aromatic scent that will make your cat go Kookamunga!
SKU: eiginonepetp9
Category: Cats

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