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4lb Totally Ferret for Active Ferrets

Totally Ferret? for Active Show and Pet Ferrets? provides balanced and complete nutrition for your growing ferrets as well as for active adults, pregnant and nursing jills as determined in actual ferret feeding studies. Totally Ferret? for Active Show and Pet Ferrets? contains an Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fatty Acid Balance for a healthy, shiny coat and is naturally preserved with Vitamin E.
SKU: tf-01104
Category: Ferrets

Super Pet 13'' Clear Mega Run-About Ball

Our new Mega Run-about ball measures 13'' in diamater and is the BIGGEST ball available anywhere! Now provide larger pets with the same freedom to exercise that smaller pets have enjoyed for years. Bigger pets can now enjoy the world around them inside these colorful, oversized exercise balls. It?s an excellent source of exercise for pet rats and chinchillas, plus its a fun roly-poly toy for ferrets and a neat pet carrier for guinea pigs. The Mega Run-about ball also fits perfectly onto Super Pet's Hamtrac Raceway for the safest and most controlled exercise environment. For Chinchillas, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Pet Rats.
SKU: sp-61379
Category: Ferrets

1oz Super Pet Ferret Nutri-Nibbles Odor Care Treats

Nutri-Nibbles are fortified bacon-flavored nuggets with savory papaya centers and the bonus of Yucca, an all natural plant extract. Odor Care Treats work in the digestive system to aid in reducing odors.
SKU: sp-65312
Category: Ferrets

10'' Humunga Tongue

Get ready for some Humunga laughs when your dog gets a hold of the Humunga Tongue! It's a ball and a tongue all in one, and who wouldn't want one of them. Don't answer that. This crazy fetch toy is made from non-toxic natural rubber and is guaranteed to generate a smile. Wanna be creative? Give one as a gag gift. Measures 10'' long.
SKU: mo-90000
Category: Dogs

Super Pet Carrot Hamster Bites

Your pet's teeth constantly grow so they need hardwood to keep their incisor teeth trim and clean. Hamster Bites Carrot are all natural wood chews that are perfect for Hamsters and even safe for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and other critters to chew. The package includes five veggie-shaped solid wood chews. Plus, each bite is individually drilled so they can slide right onto a Ka-bob chew and treat dispenser creating a skewer of savory snacks for your furry friend.
SKU: sp-61210
Category: Small Pets

PetSafe Standard Radio Fence

The Pet Safe Radio Fence keeps your pet in your yard. A radio signal is sent by the transmitter though the buried wire to a receiver located on your dog's collar. The receiver, provides a warning beep when he approaches the wire. If he starts to cross the wire, he will receive a mild correction. Although harmless, this will deter him from going further. Features includes: Receiver with battery and collarTransmitter with AC adapterTraining and installation videoOperations manual500 feet of boundary wire50 boundary flagsCovers most standard yardsExpandable to 25 acres with additional boundary wireCan be used with an unlimited number of pets by adding additional receivers
SKU: stanradfen1
Category: Dogs

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