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6oz Super Pet Squeaky Clean Critter Shampoo

This enriched shampoo formula will gently remove dirt, effectively deodorize your pet, condition the coat and skin and leave your furry friend smelling as fresh as a baby. Totally tearless, specially pH balanced for pets and has a long lasting baby powder fragrance.
SKU: sp-63024
Category: Small Pets

MIDWEST Homes for Pets 608DD Double Door Championship Collection Home

Championship Collection are these crates that feature both front and side doors. They each fold suitcase style for easy portability and feature safe and secure side bolt latches. Comes complete with an easy to clean plastic pan and plastic carry handles Made in an attractive bright zinc finish. Measures 42'' x 28'' x 32''
SKU: midhomforpet47
Category: Dogs

15lb Totally Ferret for Older Ferrets

With 15% less fat than our original food, we have maintained our superior protein sources. You can feed your older ferret with the same confidence you had with our original diet, Totally Ferret? for Active Show and Pet Ferrets?. Specifically selected animal proteins from chicken, egg and liver are used for rebuilding the immune system, age-damaged tissue and depleted body cells that are typical in older ferrets and their special needs. Older ferrets need balanced nutrition for wound healing, disease resistance and tissue rebuilding. Our formula meets these needs through the essential minerals, vitamins and proteins that are formulated into Totally Ferret? for Older Ferret?s. Totally Ferret? for Older Ferrets? provides balanced and complete nutrition for maintenance of adult ferrets as determined in actual ferret feeding tests.
SKU: tfo-015
Category: Ferrets

Warm Fuzzy Female Harness & Lead

Direct from the Warm Fuzzy Ferret Shelter in Pennsylvania, these harness & lead sets are the hit at ferret shows around the country. Durable nylon harness and lead with strong velcro straps to secure your ferret. Available in a multitude of colors.
SKU: wf-000----fl-orange
Category: Ferrets

20/pk Super Pet Clean Critter Wipes

Clean Critter Wipes are the quick and easy way to clean-up. Use whenever you would like to pamper your pet with the clean, fresh scent of baby powder. Clean Critter Wipes are perfect to maintain a slee, shiny coat between baths and can be used daily to insure your pet always smells and looks its best. Safe and non-toxic.
SKU: sp-63074
Category: Small Pets

Super Pet Clip & Trim Ferret Nail Trimmers

It's the ready to use and always easy to find pet nail clipper set. The Clip & Trim Character holder magnetically sticks to your pet's wire cage any metal surface or becomes the fridge reminder to care for your furry friend's nails. Features a quality stainless steel blade for a long life.
SKU: sp-63012
Category: Ferrets

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