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dook! dook! dook! What does that mean? Well, if you're a ferret owner the answer is simple. But place one of these ceramic mugs on your desk at work and get ready to answer the question!
SKU: tfs202
Category: Holiday

Canine Hardware Large Grub Tub

These days more dog owners are traveling with their four legged best friends. Whether it's for the day or longer, the Grub Tub is a convenient way to feed your dog on the go. The special drawstring closure securely holds a supply of your pet's favorite food. When your dog is ready to eat, simply fold the drawstring closure around the outside of the bowl. The waterproof Grub Tub is made of a durable, high-tech plastic canvas and snaps into a pocket-sized triangle. Attach it to a leash or backpack for easy storage. Holds 8 cups of food. Comes in assorted colors.
SKU: ch-05300
Category: Dogs

Super Pet Ferret Petting Brush

The super soft bristles and contour fit handle allow you to gently groom your pet's coat to a glossy sheen while providing your pet with a pleasant and relaxing massage. Effectively re moves dirt, dander and dead hair from your pet's fur. Petting Brushes are soft enough to use from the tip of the toes to the whiskers on your pet's nose. Adds lusterReduces sheddingPrevents hairballsBuilds a bond bewteen pet and owner
SKU: sp-63002
Category: Ferrets Seasons Greetings Card

Celebrate the season by spreading your holiday wishes with a ferret! Our holiday cards are always a best seller so order early. Each card measures 4'' x 6'' and comes with an envelope. Outside verse: Seasons Greetings Inside verse: Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
SKU: tfs-107
Category: Holiday

Super Pet Bunny Shake 'N Chew

Irrisesistible to rabbits, the Bunny Shake 'N' Chew is a rattle, toss toy and crunchy chew all in one. Great for fetching, finding and flinging! Bunny Shake 'N' Chew is perfect for rabbits and safe for other critters Including Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas.
SKU: supetbushnch
Category: Small Pets

Super Pet Hay Manger with Salt Hangar

Hay Manger was designed to provide your pet with alfalfa, timothy hay or other fresh vegetables that it naturally craves and needs. Hay Manger attaches directly inside any wire cage at any level that is easy for your pet to access. Hay Manger was designed to keep alfalfa and hay off cage floors where it would become soiled, plus it eliminates wasted food. Hay Manger also comes with a built-in salt spool hanger so you have a sanitary spot for your critter's Salt Savors. Measures 8''L x 2.5''W x 7''H. For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Pet Rats, Chinchillas, Unusual Pets.
SKU: sp-61912
Category: Small Pets

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