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4oz PureAyre Odor Eliminator

PureAyre destroys odors using its powerful enzymes, usually with just one application. Most other deodorizers don't destroy odors; they simply mask them or make your nose less sensitive to odors. The result is that the odors keep coming back and you have to spray again. Other enzyme-based odor eliminators are not food-grade and contain both the enzymes and the bacteria that produce them. The bacteria are ''stressed'' or starved to produce the enzymes. However, when the product is applied, the ''stressed'' bacteria get ''fed.'' They then stop producing the enzymes and the product stops working. These other products often take repeated applications and up to two weeks to work. PureAyre works in seconds and usually needs only one treatment. PureAyre provides safe and truly effective odor elimination at a competitive price. Safe for use around children and pets.
SKU: 4ozpureayre
Category: Cats

The Ferret Calendar 2005, ''Ferret Music''

Ferret photographer Jeanne Carley clearly knows that Ferrets Rock! The theme this year is Ferret Music and it's a hoot.. and a whistle and a song....:) Full-color wall calendar is 12''x12''.
SKU: fc-20051
Category: Holiday

10oz Aquatic Turtle Monster Diet

Aquatic Turtle Monster Diet is a unique blend of animal and plant proteins that is formulated to provide the necessary nutrients required for maximum growth, vigor and beauty in aquatic turtles. A balanced diet is key to warding off diseases such as Metabolic Bone Disease, bladder stones, renal disease and the condition referred to as pyramiding. The floating pellet is designed to stimulate a natural feeding response. Formulated to promote healthy shell development and prevent abnormal growth associated with unbalanced nutrition. Supplemented with Vitamin D3 and a stabilized form of Vitamin C. Provides 100% of daily nutritional requirements for most aquatic turtles.
SKU: zb-01876
Category: Other Pets

8lb Iams Active Maturity Hairball Relief FormulaEast Coast Pricing

Just like Iams Active Maturity?, Iams Active Maturity Hairball Care contains vitamin E to help strengthen your cat?s immune system, plus it contains a patent-pending fiber system that helps provide hairball relief. Active Maturity is also enhanced with vitamin-rich fish oils for overall health. Wholesome protein provides essential amino acids to help maintain healthy muscle tone and promote a shiny skin and coat, and naturally provides taurine for clear eyes and a strong heart. Recommended for: Cats over the age of seven and for hairball control.
SKU: 8lbiamacmath
Category: Cats

Super Pet Dinner Delights Fun Food

Dinner Delights are the delightful dish that critters love to chew! Dinner delights are a crunchy chew treat that cleans teeth for hamsters, bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas, pet rats, and other critters. This 3-pack includes a cool cola, a pet pizza, and a critter burger. Dinner Delights are served in three thrilling courses, including scrumptious Salad, flavorful Fun Food, and dreamy Dessert. Plus, Dinner Delights are individually drilled so they can slide right onto a Ka-bob chew and treat dispenser creating a skewer of savory snacks for your furry friend. For Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters Mice & Gerbils, Pet Rats, Rabbits, Unusual Pets.
SKU: sp-61142
Category: Small Pets

X-Small Kyjen Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jacket

The Pet Saver is the ultimate buoyancy floatation device designed to keep dogs safe in and around water, while allowing for maximum comfort. Exceptionally durable materials that meet rigid safety specifications provide warmth and protection from abrasions. The neon orange color promotes long-range visibility; the design allows for fast size adjustments and a flexible comfortable fit. Perfect for all your boating, sailing, fishing, and water sport adventures with your pet. Features include: A convenient top grab handle for easy rescue by hand or boat hook Tough 600 denier nylon fabric is soft, yet sturdy and durable Fully adjustable chest and neck Velcro flaps plus quick release buckles Durable and comfortable neoprene belly band keeps your pet warm in the water X-Small size for pets with a 15'' - 19'' girth and weight up to 18 lbs.
SKU: kj-00597
Category: Dogs

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